Monday, 11 June 2012

Dropzone Commander

So I've been neglectful in my blogging recently... Diablo 3 about a week ago, (Damn you Rowan) and have managed to go from levelling my demon hunter to 16 to rerolling a barbarian (Knew I would but tried to resist it) up to 60, gearing him for entry into inferno and have now cleared Acts 1 (Had no problem though to be fair I spent all my gold on good gear I trolled through the Auction House for... there is a lot of crap pricing going on and finding the good deals is hard...) in about 2 hours, reckon if I hadn’t been farming elites and testing myself on the different mobs and effects could have been quicker, but I wanted to see how i would hold up.

Then I got onto act 2 and can see why people hate it, took me a lot of deaths, and some running past mobs (Especially those dam crypts to get the bloods and the likes) but I completed it in about 4 hours. Now Act 3 is proving tough as well, and I think I’ve grinded through to the Heaven section and am just beginning it.

The demon hunter got some love though yesterday as Rowan and I rolled out a monk / DH combo and had some fun in Normal mode levelling them up; I think The DH is now 30, hoping to get him up to maybe 40 before holidays this Thursday. But we’ll see.

The main reason for this article though after that lengthy intro is Dropzone commander! Wow is all I can say.

Researching it I found a great breakdown of it on 6 inch move so I felt trying to type my own would be a waste of time as he said a lot of what I also was thinking. LOOKS AWESOME!! so check out his review to see what I mean.

Also check out the company website HERE I'm literally drooping ove rthose modes, and with KR making their cases I have great hopes for this company.

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