Wednesday, 4 July 2012

update on my doings

So a mixed update today of how things are going.

I'm still waiting for the masses of Shadow Era cards I ordered and cannot wait to see them, although the guys distributing them seem slow on this and it may be a bit longer which is grrr worthy...

Also ordered dropzone commander rulebook and will either be getting the UMC or PHR faction (Or both!) to get started with.

Along with that I'm still dabbling with diablo 3 but finding the end game a little lacking, have got to act 4 inferno and just cannot find the patience or bother to complete it, and while I love grinding usually, grinding in this game is not as fun or fulfilling... it’s very much doing a lot of runs and getting almost nothing worth selling (Though i did manage to sell some items on the Real money AH so yay to that!).

Mount and blade as mentioned before in previous post is becoming more and more fun as I'm progressing, so I hope that the end game of it keeps me amused and its not just hours of castle sieges to overcome before any of mine get taken back.

Other than that not much else sadly... I'll maybe look into 6th edition 40k but passion for it really isn’t there at moment for some odd reason.