Thursday, 5 April 2012

Handy little orders ref sheet

Came across this during the week (I didn't make it and can't remember who did sadly so cannot give credit to them) and found it quite handy just to have around, thought I'd fire it up since I'm a little busy with work and behind in my other main post for the week.

Imperial Guard Order Cheat Sheet

·         Issue an order at the start of the Shooting phase.
·         Company Commanders issue first, and then platoon commanders.
·         The officer must not be locked in an assault, falling back, in a vehicle or gone to ground.
·         Select a friendly non-vehicle unit in the command radius (including their own unit)
·         The chosen unit makes a leadership test.
·         On a roll of double 1s, you get an extra free test and on double 6’s no more orders this turn.

Company Commander – 2 normal orders at 12”. Can use all 6 normal orders
Bring it down – The unit now has twin-linked weapons against one enemy vehicle or monstrous creature.
Fire on my Target – Immediately shoot at target. Successful cover saves are re-rolled.
Get Back in the Fight – A fleeing squad regroups and goes back to fight or stands up from going to ground.

Platoon Commander – 1 normal order at 6”. Can only use the 3 normal orders below
First Rank, Second Rank – If enemy unit is less than 12” away, fire 3 shots, not 2. If they didn’t move, 2 shots under 24”
Incoming! – Go to ground and get a +2 to a cover save. Make no more actions this turn.
Move! Move! – Roll 3 dice and use the highest number to move that many inches.

Castellan Creed – 4 orders at 24”
For the Honor of Cadia – The target unit gets the Fearless and Furious Charge universal special rule.
Sergeant Kell
Listen Up, MaggotsIf Kell is with an officer, order tests use the officers Leadership, not the squad.

Sergeant Bastonne
It’s Up to Us, Lads – After all orders are done, Bastonne can issue one order to his squad. All normal orders but Get Back in the Fight.
Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken – 2 normal orders at 12”
Guardsman Marbo – Does not take orders.

Captain Al’Rahem – 2 normal (Only Bring it Down and First Rank, Second Rank) at 12”
Like the Wind – Issued to his squad. Make a shooting attack (can’t run). After the attack more D6” in any direction.

Commander Chenkov – 2 normal (Only Get Back in the Fight, and Move Move) at 12”

Proper post coming tomorrow for the second game played Vs Rowan ‘spare sock’ Sheridan.


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