Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lisburn league game 3: Vs Ciaran with Eldar

So Saturday just passed I got down to Lisburn for game 3 of the league, Vs Ciaran and his Eldar. Since we’d missed out playing each other in the previous league he had wanted a match in this one so I happily accepted.

We rolled up the mission and got pitched battle (So far so good though I’d have preferred spearhead for more room to put between him and my army) and Seize ground (Not the worst, I didn’t want KP just in case, but fancied CNC as I had more units to throw around).

Ciaran ran the following list roughly:
Farseer on bike,
Autarch on bike, I think it was a power lance (Got power weapon type attacks for first round of combat)
6 warlocks on bikes, mix of powers,
2x Fire dragons in falcons (I think he had the S8 ap2 top cannons, and the S6 shrukens)
2x 10 Dire avengers in serps,
1x 9 Dire avengers in a serp

I was running the following list:

2x Company command squad, 3 meltas in chimeras with hull flamers
Platoon, PCS with 2 meltas, 4 infantry squads, 2 have commissars with PW, all 4 have Sgt with PW.
3x Veteran squads, one has 3 meltas, two have 2 meltas
2x Hydras
2x Hydras

So a couple of test units in this list... Marbo to see how he works as I’ve never properly used him, and also a 40 man blob without the melta bombs, heavy weapons and special weapons used for bubble wrap or forward moving harassment. Equipment wise I’m seeing if less meltas in the Vets works or do you need the full 3 to succeed, the less meltas in the PCS was because I ran out of points and decided the BS4 squads needed meltas more than BS3.

We roll for the objectives and get 4, with me winning the roll to put the first down.

He deploys fully on the left hand corner behind the buildings and I reply by deploying a single CCS chimera and hellhound on my left, with the massive blob across the middle form slightly right hand side to the building on my right, in behind a chimera with the PCS behind it, both sets of hydras just to the right of it with good LOS and on the far right both vendettas, other CCS chimera, plus two vet squad chimeras and a vet squad in one Vendetta. I turbo boost the Vendettas forward with scout move right to the right table edge.

I fail to seize...

Turn 1, Ciaran boosts the council forward up the left flank and slightly towards the blob with the falcons flying up behind it as well as a DA serp while 2 DA serps shoot off across his backfield; he shoots the chimera the PCS are behind and stuns it, in my turn I move forward and race the CCS on the left forward to jump out along with the hellhound, BID sees a falcon blow up and the fire dragons fall out, and get pinned, the hellhound opens up on them and fames 3 down (I rolled two 1’s damns it) a single warlock is downed by lasgun fire, a back serp is downed by hydra fire).

Turn 2, Ciaran moves up seer to mid right in front of the blob, blows up the hellhound with other fire dragons, and thins down the CCS to two models with fire from the DA who hopped out, who pass ld, he then assaults the blob and kills 8, I hold, in my turn Marbo appears on the building behind his avengers on the second floor (Stupid choice looking back I should have just done the first floor for safety whilst not putting me so far out of range when moving), i move up towards his middle backfield serps. Marbo fluffs his demo charge (Damn you Marbo!) and the hydras thin down the Dire avengers. The CCS chimera which lived flames 3 dragons.  The other hydras thin the back DA squad.  In assault the blob kills 1 and lose 8, I hold.

Turn 3, He moves up and wrecks the Chimera the PCS had hopped into. The remains of the dire avengers on left assault the CCS as he didn’t want them caught in the open, and we draw with 1 wound a piece (Took mine on the commander). The blob wounds the farseer twice, and again hold. In my turn I move up and BID and blow up the DA serp right at the back then assault the dire avengers at the back with the vet squad after downing their transport and win by 2 wound but they hold, meanwhile the CCS beat the DA and they flee.

Turn 4, his left avengers flee, the back ones not in combat move into cover and the two tanks on my left flee back to his far left building, the fire dragons who had been redeployed in the previous turn and then dropped off by the serp kill 2 of my PCS and then beat them in HTH, I kill 1 DA at back and they hold, the blob holds again. In my turn Marbo continues moving out of cover and assaults the Falcon which had retreated back by him, he blows it up rolling 6’s all the way through. Nice...! He earns some respect for that after his demo charge fluff.  I flame the DA at back and their wiped out, then win combat by 1 Vs the other DA squad at back, The blob kills the farseer and one more guy, and hold, one Sgt is shot to ensure this.

Turn 5, he moves around a little, and imobs the left chimera which had become a bunker for the CCS survivors on my left, I’m breathing easier as that’s fine due to it being on the obj, but he’s contesting the obj now, I kill 1 DA at the back in combat and again he holds! In my turn I blow up the serp contesting the obj with a BID on the CCS who left the chimera, I lose combat vs the remaining 2-3 DA with a 7 man vet squad and they are caught... groan. Finally the blob dies to the council.

We roll to continue and the game ends with me holding 3 objs.

A nicely fought game in which Ciaran took the assault on the blob hich held up his main unit for the entire game, more proof that 42 (or 41 if you want) man blobs can hold units for so long. The extra 10 bodies basically getting me the win by soaking wounds the Commis would have had to take.

Overall I was happy with my play bar the Marbo deployment mistake and also forgetting to assault the back of the firedragon’s serp and the remaining fire dragons which might have kept the squad from being shot.  

Annoyingly the pictures I took were blurry as the camera wasn’t focusing right in the lower light so sorry for lack of pictures.

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