Thursday, 8 December 2011

Arkham Autumn Annihilation Final thoughts

After Arkham I've mused over my performances and how the army fared, I think to a degree I was lucky as I didn't face purifiers, but I really wanted to get my teeth into an army including them for practise, or a Dark Eldar Venom spam army so I can see how I'd fare...

...So with 5 competitive games now under my Blob belt I was happy with the majority of how they played. Although the lack of speed as previously mentioned in other articles means you really need to plan your turns more than I've ever been used to, taking into account road blocks both in terms of scenery (Low difficult terrain rolls) or enemy transports just piling up to your men. I found i was really having to plan two to three turns ahead at least, but only began to learn this on day 2 of the event when playing Luke to make sure I could get into range of the objectives and stay there while attempting to do damage to the enemy.

Forward men, for the Emperor and for the CNC objective!
 The Kill point missions again required thought which I'd not planned, when to shoot with my lascannons and nick a few quick kill points (Game 2 vs. Darragh and Game 5 vs. Ray) vs. having to move forward to claim some in closer range (Game 4 vs. Luke and partially in game 1 vs. Mike). having the options originally was iffy for me, I was worried I was making the units too multi role and would suffer for it, but found actually the options are very handy to make sure I'm not put in a bad situation having to advance on say a grey knight army of purifiers, or sitting back shooting against a mob of orks.

Which do i aim for?

The model count as well had me worried I would be slow playing and maybe get flack from opponents or unfinished games, but I found as long as I had a plan in my mind by the end of his turn i was able to begin moving straight off the bat and keep the flow going.

'And when they were up they were up...'

Orders... these were essential and in the times I forgot them the situation got slightly worse (Game 3 vs. Scott with outflanking blob, and game 4  in one turn vs. Luke). I didn't appreciate how much of a help they are when you have a massive amount of men benefiting from them, as i was used to being a mostly mech force.

Over Confidence, its only guardsmen Sergeant whats the....*static*

I've already signed up to Arkham's next event in mid Feb and am toying with taking the blob again to see how they cope. There may be changes to the list as experiment, but the main good point is I won't be the only guard player as Chris 'itsPug' and AJ will also be flying the guard banners this time. Also with the new Necron codex allowed it might shake up the builds being taken, or lead to me finding myself against some horrible Necron build which screws my poor guardsmen over.

Commissars, the glue of don't you dare run on me...

Never fear though, the guard will be attending in some shape or form, maybe even with a Deathstrike or 3.

Though I am tempted by a mixed guard army with some Russes, a massive bubble wrap blob and loads of chimeras driving about with vets inside.  


  1. Thats what I like about having chimeras, you can leave grabbing objectives until the start of turn 4, whereas if you're on foot you're looking at having to start making a move turn 2/3.

    Your army needs more russes, course so does mine :) Av14 at range is hard to take down, moreso than artillery choices.

  2. I agree, the fact i couldn't move AND shoot as far really hurt in my choices.

    I do agree, I want atleast 4 Russes in my armies. 2 Normal atleast and maybe 2 demolishers.