Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Show and tell continued: the solar edition

So continuing on with my army show and tell I can now move on to the main body of the Solar 401st. I didn't quite realise the amount of pictures I'd taken before starting the last article it seems...

Solar Russes and Sentinels

The foot sloggers

the vehicle pool
chimeras and command guys

Commissars both big and small
Heavy weapon teams and chimeras

I still can't get over the feeling I don't have enough chimeras for the solar 401st themselves... not sure if this is normal for guard players or just my addiction reappearing.

I am also thinking of dipping the entire army in a dark shade to add some more depth, because at the moment the army is all base coloured with faces washed, and I'm not sure if that's enough  due to the dark grey cloth which I'm worried gives the look that i just painted over grey unprimed models.

Still I'm happy with what I've collected, after quick counting I numbered over 500 infantry and 67 vehicles, with only a few more men to finish up (25 guys odd and about 4 vehicles, deathstrikes to be precise... I'm dying to see how they do in games).

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