Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Practise Game on Sunday Vs Space Wolves

As mentioned in my previous article I managed to get 2 games in on Sunday Vs Rowan and Luke. This is game 2 vs. Luke’s version of Space Wolves.

Again I didn’t take down the list but from memory it was:

Rune priest, chooser, jaws and lightning
Rune priest, plasma pistol, lightning and stormcaller (5+ cover one)
Bjorn with PC
10 scouts, MOTW, plasma pistol, BP/CCW’s
3x 5 man grey hunter squads in razorbacks TL las/plas
4 TWC, bp/CCW, SS, SS bolter, Frostaxe
2 rifleman dreads

My list was the same used against Rowan.

Rowan rolls the dice to see which mission we get... and it’s the same as I played vs. him (Dawn of War, Primary CNC, Secondary Seize ground). At least I’ve just had practise on this table with this mission.

Again Luke wins the roll to deploy the first objective and then wins the roll for deployment, he takes the same side Rowan did So I don’t even have to move.

He deployed a rune priest and squad in the big hill where Rowan deployed his warriors (That damn hill it’s full of traitors!) if I remember right and I deployed my blob in the exact same place (Building on my far left corner) as last game.

I fail to seize and he takes his turn.

Turn 1, all his stuff comes on middle with a single razorback on the far right, and a vindicator on the far left. 

In my turn I rumble on mostly on the right hand side everything moving more than 6 bar the russes who fire hit but fail to pen Bjorn.

Turn 2, his scouts come on (Damn, 1 more turn and I’d be out of reach of them as plan was to keep driving forward with everything towards his objective to pressure it. My left most CCS takes a weapon estroyed result and he charges my russ squadron getting a single pen which turns into a imob (Damn again!).

In reply I keep to the plan and move forward bar a single chimera with the WD result that swoops back to flame the scouts.  I kill a RB on the far right and pin the squad. Another Razor behind the building gets a weapon destroyed result and after a failed heavy flamer (only killed a few scouts as I rolled loads of 1’s) I’m forced to fire the plasmas into them to take the squad down to 1 man.

Turn 3 he moved the weapon destroyed razor and immobs it on the building wrecks a chimera and blows up another.  In assault hsi scout fails to tough my Manticore as it moved.

I take advantage of the lack of damage to move forward 12 with a chimera jumping out a vet squad and killing off the pinned marine unit, another vet squad races forward and kills off his remains of a marine squad in cover, the final scout is killed off. Hes down to 1 slightly hurt squad of troops now. I just need to kill them off to make sure I auto win the game (Winning on primary means 8 points + my 4 for VP difference as long as I don’t throw away units means 12, add in a draw even on secondary and it’s a 14-6 result or if I kill these it’s a 16-4).

Turn 4, he moves the vindi forward, shoots my squad on my CNC obj killing 2 with lightning, explodes my vet’s chimera and wipes out the vets in HTH with the TWC and Bjorn.

My turn 4 I fire again at the 3 men and miss with everything or they make their cover, the CCS wound the TWC decently, and I move the blob out onto the seize ground objective near my building.
Turn 5, he gets his 3 troops into the razorback and moves back to hold his SG obj, kills off my other vet squad with the TWC and 2 manage to flee. Kills off my small CCS with shots

In reply I wreck the razorback making the troops fall out, then hit them with some fire, the Manticore shot hits and wounds (Also blowing up his other razorback but only a wreck. The guys pass their saves... triple damn I just needed to wipe them out to stop his chances of any points bar the VP difference.

Due to time constraints we end the game there. I rolled the dice anyways and it would have continued. So I’d like to hope in 1 more turn to fully remove the remaining three marines since I had vehicles in a good position to shoot them (Leman Russ with hull Lascannon, demolisher also with hull LC, 3 chimeras M-lasers and my few remainders of a CCS with 2 plasma guys and cmdr who were of course kindly going to attempt to make him reroll cover saves also. So he could have gone to ground to make for 3+ cover but I’d like to hope I could finish them off with what I mentioned.

So a good game for the guard, who won primary, drew secondary, but I hadn’t time to work out the VP difference. So assume it as a pure 4-4 making for a 14-6 game.     

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