Monday, 19 December 2011

Practise Game on Sunday Vs New Necrons, part 2, the Sheridan experience

So I managed to get 2 games in on Sunday Vs Rowan and Luke. Excellent, gives me a chance to try out a hybrid guard list and Rowan gets some Necron learning time.

The Table used for both games:

I'll be honest I never noted down his list, all I remember is below but I may have forgotten something.

Named lord guy
2 ghost arks
2 x five man warrior squads
20 man warrior squad
Lots of scarabs
8 spyders (I think 2 groups of 3 and a group of 2)

My testing list was:

2x CCS, both with 4 plasma guns and a Plasma pistol in chimeras
2x veteran squads, 3 meltas in chimeras
PCS with 4 meltas in chimera,
IS1, commissar, sgt with MB, PW, autocannon, nade launcher in chimera 
IS2, sgt with MB, PW, autocannon, nade launcher in chimera  
IS3, sgt with MB, PW, autocannon, nade launcher
2x Leman Russes, hull lascannons
Demolisher, hull lascannon

We rolled up an Arkham Mission getting number 2

Dawn of War, Primary CNC, Secondary Seize ground

Rowan wins the roll to deploy his seize counter first, and then wins the roll for deployment.

He deploys the big warrior squad in area terrain hill and I deploy my platoon in the massive building on the far left. I fail to seize.

His turn 1.

All the forces bar a warrior squad walk on, spyders and scarabs on left hand side (My left hand side from my side of the table) Arks come on behind hill and some near the right hand building.

I roll on my army fully on turn1, most moves forward and nothing form shooting.

Turn 2 he moves forward and shuffles the warriors. My turn I move forward and take down 5 necron warriors and a wraith. 

Turn 3 the warriors come on and he moves his forces mainly forward and to my right. A warrior glances one of my russes wrecking it... ouch for me.  And a chimera blows up even after saving 2 pens, the one which got through toasted the poor guy.

In reply I race forward my lines, the CCS’s jump out right in front of the spyders, the veteran squads in front of the wraiths. The Manticore demolishes the huge scarab squad after it hits 3 times (This is its only real good shot of the match... sigh damn scatter dice sometimes... it’s ok though Luke got the evening out of luck) I also demolish some spyders but roll poorly and a single one lives.

Turn 4 he moves then assaults my vets and both CCS. Vets lose 1, CCS 1 loses 2, and stay, the other CCS flees 8 inches. In reply I move my blob forward out of the building to fight for the objective where the spyders and scarabs are on, do a few wounds and in HTH my other CCS flees. Not a good turn for me.

Turn 5 he move forward and blows up a chimera, and blows up my Demolisher with scarabs.

My turn I have some risky fun, firstly ramming his big necron squad, but he passes leadership (Hoping next turn to contest his obj) and ramming another chimera into a spyder squad, he makes the pen, fails to stop it and one spyder is crushed, I’d declare 12 inches so I hit another sypder squad, again he pens it but I live, it gets crushed.

We can’t help but laugh, a single chimera runs over 2 spyders (Just wish I’d remembered to get veterans out to shoot first... but this made up for it imo as was funny as hell for us to see this stroke of luck). My blob assaults scarabs and multi assaults into the spyders and kills offt most of the scarabs in CC through wounds, the spyders also take fearless saves and take a few wounds. Still not enough though.

Luke rolls to continue and game continues.  

Turn 6, gates his warrior lord and squad into the big building my obj is on top of (Prob should have asked to see his list to know he could do this, but it was a good way to learn for me so I know what it can do if leave guard down). Runs them up a level.

In my turn I kill off the remaining scarabs and put more wounds on the spyders, still not enough to remove them all. My shooting is ineffective again sadly. But you get turns like that sometimes   

Game continues to 7, auws...

He walks up to contest my cnc obj. Combat is won by me but he has a ghost ark now contesting the objective. In my final turn I bring down my PCS to fight his necrons for fun hoping to break them, didn’t happen and instead my guys flee down and he gets my cnc objective, auw well it was a risk for fun move. I managed to kill 3 out of the 5 necrons on their objective though, he passes his LD and its safe.

Didn’t get score properly worked out but I think it’s a loss for the guard.

What did I learn?

Firstly if I’d actually asked to see his list I’d have known he could gate, but didn’t, knowing this I’d have kept blob guarding my objective on bottom floors to keep him off it.

Secondly I need to remember the pinning caused by manticores at -1LD, this might have helped a bit during the game if I’d remembered and he failed the tests.

My vehicle deployment needs some retuning, I’m rusty it seems and had vehicle sin poor positions.
The demolisher needs to have a focused target each turn; I was too happy using it in shots which weren’t critical to the game.

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