Friday, 16 December 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle released

So I've put in an order for 5 of These new kits. How could you not? they look awesome and in my opinion are actually better than GW's chimeras for a few main reasons.

Firstly the kit is only a few pieces to put together, wheels, top and bottom does the entire hull! that's so handy compared to doing the tracks on GW's kits, and the kit still looks awesome.

Secondly, its not just a chimera... with the weapon options (See below) you can easily give it a number of roles in your army.

It can be a chimera using the multi laser, it can be a hell hound, bane wolf or devil dog using the flamer cannon or support Cannon guns, it can take the autocannon upgrade like mentioned in IA books. You could even use it as a leman russ in a pinch with the plasma turret add on, the support or even twin autocannon.

And thirdly, for the contents you get along side the variety of roles it can achieve with simple swapping of the turret gun, its much cheaper!

This kit is so far looking like a really must have kit for guard for the variety it gives. That's why I ordered 5 to help me along with their objective markers to stop always having to use my poker chip counters.

I got the kit above, it was such a good deal compared to buying the hulls and single weapon and turret packages. Not saying their bad buys, but when you compare the prices the full turret option kit and hull is just that good value.

Their pre-ordered for release early Jan.

You can visit their blog Here to read even more into their products, just don't be surprised if you find yourself ordering some things.


  1. And thus I have this week's impulse buy...

  2. Even if you don't play 40k they could be used in plenty of other systems, you impusle bought very well sir. : )

    I'm seriously tempted to paint one for necromuda enforcers aka adeptus astartes (police). Maybe another for a short ranged artillery piece... I don't think I got enough now..

  3. Its a really great kit and I'm thinking of buying it myself for my IG... a tad more expensive than the chimera but its truly much better in many ways!

    P.S. Finally found your blog Duce ;) How's things?

  4. Going purely by the pics and price it looks like it could be used nicely for a urbsn themed guard force, or a guerilla force.

    While its a tad more from what I can see you do get 7 turret options which even out the price, as well as the much fewer parts to build which should save me time too.

    I've oggled your blog for ages Mihalis after you linked me while doing a comission, especially like the green marines you did on there ;)

    I'm still showing them off in games.

    Good to see your back on the marines and not the filthy greenskins :)