Friday, 2 December 2011

Arkham Autumn Annihilation round 3

Moving into Game 3 I’m in a good position (5th) so far. Then routine disaster strikes. I draw Scott and his orks... not again...

You see last Arkham I played him Game 3 also when using my grey knights, and sadly got tabled due to poor decision making on my part, this meant come day 2 I had to really work to get points back but thankfully managed to claw my way back up to 5th... I was hoping to avoid this happening again with the blob guard.

The mission is:

Dawn of war, Primary Capture and Control, Secondary Seize ground

His List is:

Kommandos + Snikrot 2 burnas
3x 18 boys, Nob with PK and boss pole
4 mega nobs in trukk
11 gretchin odd
3 war buggy
3 battlewagon

I won the roll to go first and deployed PCS, its Blob and Straken squad in building on my left flank. He deploys nothing.

My turn 1, walked on blob in centre and ran them 5 inches, Straken and the other blob then shuffle about a bit.

His Turn 1 the Battlewagons come on middle.

My turn 2 and the outflank blob comes on; I have a 5/6 roll and bring them on the right hand side near his battle wagons. I blow up 1 wagon and shake another... not good enough although the exploded one kills 8 boys.

His turn 2, gretchin come on mid on his cnc obj, defkopta comes on right near my blob and waruggies on far left turbo boost forward. He then assaults my outflanking blob with meganobs, ork boys, depleted ork boys squad and def kopta. The blob kills 7 but loses loads. Not a good round of combat for them.

Turn 3 I shoot but nothing works. blob kills 5 but is totally wiped out. 

In his turn he reforms army from combat and moves forward, one boy squad charges middle blob and combat is drawn.  

Turn 4 I finish off the ork squad in the centre and ran blob on far left up stairs

Finally in his turn 4 Gaz and Kommandos come on and assault blob causing sore amounts of kills, meanwhile his mega Nobs drive forward and assault my middle blob.

Turn 5 I need the game to end now after his turn 5 or i'll be in trouble. I clear off middle Nobz and kill off most of the kommandos but the blob on the left is finally wiped out. 

In his turn he assaults Straken's squad with Snikrot and Gaz and wipe them out sadly. I think by now it’s only Gaz left alive and moves to contest my obj.

We roll... and turn 6 happens, damn I know I've lost now, sadly Straken's squad was wiped and I needed it for a turn buffer to keep my hopes alive of holding cnc obj.

Turn 6   I move melta PCS down to shoot Gaz, fluff all my shots, fluff meltas on middle battlewagon too. So I assault gaz with the PCS as I know next turn they'll be dead anyways, fluff again and he wipes them out.

I tell him there's no point playing turn 6, he's got primary, controls secondary and has enough of a VP difference to make it 20 - 0 in his favour so I don't see the need to make him roll all the dice just to wipe few remaining men off the table, we shake hands and hand in cards.

I'm frustrated with myself; I know where this went wrong. The blob outflanking on the right... I should have brought it on the left and defended my cnc objective making it almost impossible for the orks to get past. And my deployment was terrible looking back on it, I put the lascannons on the ground floor for some reason instead of up top of the building making them less able to pick targets. So Scott gets his second tabling of me in Arkham, one day I'll learn not to screw up vs. him.

Check the table, I've dropped from 5/6th down to 17th after this game. craps I need a good day 2 is all I can think to myself. Also this game is what earned me bloodiest battle award.... you can see why its a hollow prize to me on this but a great one for Scott. Next time Scott your orks are mine! 

Blob Learning’s:
- Never be so aggressive with your outflank blob, you need to think before committing them and with me forgetting I had more orders to do on the right it really sucked when I shoot a unit normally then remember. This cost me a lot as it meant I forgot to FRFSRF his orks who fell out of the BW. This meant they were unsupported vs. a ton of his army, and didn’t hold up anything for more than 1 turn.

- Deployment is critical for the blobs, if I deploy wrong and am out of position I will take turns to get back where I need it, thus I need to focus and never rush my options.

- Guard can hold their own vs. orks if in cover and get charged, the power weapon attacks really help in thinning them down. If I'd not lost that right most blob from outflanking I reckon their power weapon attacks could have really helped vs. Gaz and to keep him off the objective


  1. Don't beat yourself up to much James as we've all had games like this, although you did make some bad mistakes in regards to deployment and reserves, but like any lesson you will have learnt it the hard way, so I don't think you'll be doing that any more in the near future.

    Scott's list in my opinion isn't as good as it looks, although there is some tricks up its sleeve that you need to watch out for, and by the look of it all weekend he did the same thing time and time again. But credit where credit's due.

    He was always going to have to come to you, so maybe you could have neutralised it a little bit more. I also am wondering what your planning to do with your reserves on the right-hand flank, when they came on, as you were just gifting a charge. As it's unclear in your post?

    Personally if you were to play the game now, I think it would be completely different, so in that way see it as a lesson learnt rather than a game lost.

    Scott's list is very simple he relies on moving forward on the hope of assaulting, and then infiltrates Gazzy with
    Snikrot and his Kommandos causing a pincher manoeuver. So the way you get around this is move forward to prevent him getting a charge when he comes on from reserve, which hopefully will buy a turn of shooting.

    You could have also put out a line of IG along the whole length of the table to stop him coming in, as by going by the rules he is not allowed to be within one inch of an enemy model, so you might have been able to stop him. Or worse case scenario give him a crappy unit to assault and then in your turn hopefully you could bring your guns to bear.

  2. The one good (If such a thing can be said about being tabled) thing about this matchsi that it kept me more alert in the next two games and reminded me not to push my number's advantage when it can be thinned down quickly if misplaced.

    Auw well, I'm still learning the ins and outs of the blob.