Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Arkham Autumn Annihilation round 2

With Game 1 over and me with a small win I'm hoping to avoid the tougher lists who got a 19-1, Parings are drawn and I get Darragh, Mordrak Grey Knights. The mission is:

Spearhead, Primary mission Kill Points, Secondary mission is Capture and control.

Another iffy looking army for me, low KP and good saves on his infantry.

He's roughly running.
Mordrak - 5 ghost knights
3x termie squads, halberds, psycannons, hammer in each squad
3x psyfleman dreads
1x vene psyfleman

I win the roll for first turn and take the corner with a massive building in the middle of it to use for cover saves for the units. I hide the PCS's in behind at the back along with Straken, their use for this battle as a keep my cnc objective if he advances or provide orders for the blobs.

His deployment

He tries to seize but fails. My turn 1, I do some shooting but cause no damage due to cover saves being made.

His turn 1 he killed a few infantry from a blob afte rmoving out dreads from cover.

My turn 2, Al'Rahem comes in on my right (Right by his forces, but out of 12 inches reach of the terminators but within 6 inches of his dreadnought) the BID orders are lethal and I kill 3 dreads, exploding 2 and wrecking one. 

His turn 2 he kills 12 men form AL's blob, meanwhile his termies DS down in midfield towards his own long table edge.

Turn 3, I killed 4 termies from middle squad with lascannon fire, and kill 3 termies with melta fire from Al's forces, sadly I failed the LTW (Like the wind) order leaving me just in reach of him for next turn.

His turn 3 he kills more men, and assaults into combat on right with the blob, rolls Ld 2 on his grenades but I'm stubborn so I'm safe, at least it wasn't the 1 attack max roll or preferred enemy type attacks ones.
Turn 4 I killed few termies in HTH, and shot a few, he kills a fair few of my men in HTH.

His turn 4 he shoots at Al's squad and I Go to ground, save 3 wounds, although he kills off more men in CC, my special weapon squad is beat and chased but gets away, Al's squad is wiped out.
Turn 5, his last termie form the middle squad saves 4 5++ saves damnit. SWs continue to flee and shots do nothing my blobs moves forward in case get another turn.  

His turn 5 he kills the SWS with fire before they flee off board.

Turn 6 I shoot the vene dread making it immob, then weapon destroyed.

Turn 6 for him nothing as he is too far away and has no guns in range, he moved his termies around his obj just in case.

Turn 7 I killed vene dread with an immob result, sadly no explosion to hope for killing his termies with...

Turn 7 for him is a straight ass as nothing he can do.

It finishes with me winning primary, drawing secondary, and gaining +1 VP from the difference. for a 15-5win, I think Darragh was unsure how to comba so many power weapons and men, this showed in his indecision of where to put the DS termies and mordrak, but in the end I think he did the right thing as 26 meltas up close and 4 lascannons followed by assault from 40 FC power weapons would have cleaned them off quickly, at least by coming down further away he kept their kill points safe.

Another great opponent to chat to during the game.   

Blob Learnings

- If I face low KP armies I need to focus my lascannons on their low AV or single model units and bring them down quickly to net quick kill points to help me dictate the pace of the game. By blowing up his dreads quickly (Bar the Vene one which was Grand strategized into a troop and hid out of range of my lascannons) I was able to ruin his long range firepower meaning I could sit and shoot his termies without shots coming back.

- Outflanking blobs can really pin the enemy back in their own quarter. AL's arrival and blowing up a dread out of assault range of the termies meant he had to focus on them over getting into my quarter meaning my men could rain lascannons on the termie squads as they had to move to intercept the blob.

- GK nades aren't as effective as vs. other squads due to my guys being stubborn, already ini 3 so going after him and so many bodies, meaning at least half the results don't worry me, but the other 3 do!


  1. it looks very intimidating when you see all that IG on the tabletop.

  2. Wait until you see Game 4 Tom. the orange sea of guardsmen is shown perfectly there.