Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Practice Game on Tuesday night Vs New Necrons

So Last night Rowan poped round for a game at mine to get some practise learning the new necron codex. He'd thrown together the following list:

Nemzalin (spelling?)
Cryptech - chrono, solar
Cthan - WW, entropic,
10 warriors
10 warriors
ghost ark
10x scarabs
9x scarabs
9x Spyders

I used the same list I faced Scotty with:

CCS: straken, 2 melta, standard, astropath

PCS, 3 melta,
IS: commissar with PW, sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon

PCS, 3 melta,
IS: commissar with PW, sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon

PCS, 4 melta, AL'Rahem 
IS: commissar with PW, sgt with PW & MB, melta,
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta,
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta,
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta,
SWS: 3 meltas

The game Rolled up was Spearhead, Primary KP, Secondary CNC.

I won the roll and picked the corner.

My deployment, Blob's 1 and 2 side by side, the PCS's to middle left, middle right in blob's gap and Straken right back in the corner protecting him from any fire.

And a pic showing full deployment on the board + terrain layout.

Rowan seized it (Damn 4+ roll).

His turn 1 he spawned Scarabs and placed them 2 inches apart moving towards my lines. then he assaults in to a blob squad with them

The blob fights them for the next two game turns winning combat each player turn by usually 2-3 kills and him failing maybe half his saves from fearless wounds.

During this combat he walks his C'than forwards while night fighting ruins my shooting though I do put 2 wounds on it from the unengaged blob using BID.

My turn 3 the outflanking blob comes on my left, I take the reroll and it's still left. This was just me musing to see which side the reroll would get me on, the left allowing me to go for his CNC objective, but the right would have allowed me to break his C'Than with mass melta, Looking back I wish it had been on the right hand side which would have meant I could have taken 2kp from him and then sat back and made him come to me.

Turn 4 comes around and he's moved his other scarab squad into my lines to get into the fight and finish of the depleted blob and take down straken's squad. His lightning also hits Al'Rahem's PCS wiping them out, I'm unsure by wording if I should get cover with guys intervening or not, we decide since it's a practise game not to, and their wiped out. Balls... I really had a good use for them and 'Like the Wind' orders to get into his lines.

The combat goes bad and I fail 4 out of 5 Straken hits, only instant killing 1 base... damnit, the other guys do nothing. he kills off straken after fearless wounds (I passed 7 out of 9 then failed the 8th, rolling them in sets of 3 for suspense). The diminished blob is also wiped out as the C'Than also assaulted in, but they wiped out the remaining scarabs.

He consolidates forwards to my PCS

Things aren't looking good for the guard.

He assaults the Cthan into my Blob squad and I can't hurt it as T7, so both units are basically out of the fight, meanwhile his scarabs assault my PCS killing them off.

he then Consolidates right up to my other remaining PCS.

I walk my outflank blob onto his CNC objective, figuring I need to go for secondary as Primary has failed me.

We roll for it to continue and it does... damnit there goes my claiming of secondary to get some points back.

Turn 6 he assaults my remaining PCS and wipes them, the blob keeps the C'than in combat and he assaults my outflank blob with his Spyders, I kill one and injure another, then in mine injure them a little more killing one more and leaving one with two wounds. damnit I need a turn 7 to remove the last one on two wounds to take back secondary.

(The Destroyer is the Tomb spyder standins, taste imperial newspaper hits you foul xenos spyder!)

We roll for turn 7 and I need it to have hope of taking back secondary... a 2.

Game Ends.

I think it was a 4-16 loss for me.

lost primary 1-4 (0-8)
Drew secondary (2-2)
VP difference was his (2-6)

Some learning points:
- I wish I'd gone right hand side to bring on my guys to wreck Cthan, this would have saved my blobs and meant I could have then walked forward with all three while the PCS held my CNC.

- Losing Al'Rahem cost me major, LTW (Like the wind) would have benefited me so much. I'd have shot his troops with meltas and moved forwards and assaulted hopefully holding them or wiping them over 4 player turns and then moving back to the CNC objective which the SWS would have been holding alongside Al'Rahem... them's the breaks

- Night fight can hurt my forces if the enemy wants to close in, thus I need to prepare defences better, but I’m not sure yet how. Will work on it as an article.

- The blobs love hitting lower WS things and T3 in combat, the PW's were lashing up the scarab wounds, but just not enough to get back out of combat quick enough before the C'than joined in.

Finally I’m curious on how some of the Necron rules are FAQ'd, mainly scarab spawning which while worded in the book feels very wrong and also cover if any for the lightning from the storm lord. I reckon I could do better now vs. the same list, forgetting the scarabs weren’t troops especially made me over focus on them. Should have shot the Cthan and just ground them down in CC. Well time to learn the new codex and how ot fight it so I make less mistakes.

Rowan also never said how Lovely my wife's Cake was to her. I believe he's no longer the best at 'Getting it up' for this.

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  1. I think you need some vehicles TBH, it'll stop the blobs being locked in CC by scarab swarms, plus you can always use a hellhound to clear the scarabs out.

    If you're gonna stick with the foot, use a single squad of 10 guardsmen as a speedbump and then counter attack with multiple shot str6+ weapons. caught out in the open the scarabs should be history.