Thursday, 24 November 2011

Army Display Board

So in my frustration of never having a big enough tray for my guard armies I set out recently to finally build one which could finally handle a full mech guard army (I like to have at least 15 vehicles) or at the same time a full blob force (150 models roughly) so I had to settle on a frame of at least 50cm x 46cm, in the end I got a 60cm by 48cm as it provided a little extra security that armies would fit.

After chipping away at it for the last three weeks casually I've finally finished it. Thankfully it was simple enough to build, needing only a picture frame, some PVA glue, sand, some foam board, some cork tiles black primer, grey spray can (Same one I use to colour my Guard's bases to keep unity) 2 cheap but nice brass handles and some wood glue.

The simple process was firstly removing the glass from the frame to really lighten it up, then putting wood glue round the edge so when I put the back on it glued in place (I used the underside of the frame as it had a better depth) then once its glue din place I glued down cork tiles cut to size allowing me a 5 inch wide road.

After this dried I primed it all in a layer of PVA glue and sprinkled some and down where I wanted and glued on the ruined buildings which I'd cut out of foam board and glued a corner stone on (Matching my ruined city buildings I use for terrain).

Again left to dry then coated it all in black paint, let dry and then coat the pavement grey then dry brush, over stones, and dry brush building ruins , paint the barricades then wash them all in Badab black.

Final bits were picking out some details like the stop sign and some burn marks.

Pics of the project:

Now my forces can finally be displayed in all their glory on a proper tray and not my usual household Argos or wooden tea serving trays! Now to get my marine one build and sorted out.

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  1. Great tray, and proved to be very very handy this weekend at Assault on Arkham.

    May have to steal this idea (or as the Guard would say- Commandeer it for the execution of the Emperors war effort!)