Monday, 7 November 2011

Practice Game on Sunday Vs DOA Blood Angels

So last night I got a game at mine Vs Scotty and his Decent of Angels list. Sorry for lack of pictures, i misplaced my phone and didn’t want to go looking stalling the game.

List was from memory:

4x 10 man assault marines, dual melta and a fist
10 termies, 5TH/SS, 5LC
Termie armoured priest
Termie librarian, preferred enemy, blood lance
2 priests with jump packs

Vs my Mark 2 list:

CCS: straken, 2 melta, standard, astropath

PCS, 3 melta,
IS: commissar with PW, sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon

PCS, 3 melta,
IS: commissar with PW, sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta, lascannon

PCS, 4 melta, AL'Rahem 
IS: commissar with PW, sgt with PW & MB, melta,
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta,
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta,
IS: sgt with PW & MB, melta,
SWS: 3 meltas

Mission was Pitched battle, prim seize ground, secondary KP.

I won roll for placing objs first and then won roll to deploy first.

For this game i wanted to see how the blobs would do when broken down into two 20 man squads each, meaning more targets and more scoring units to work with.

I deployed 1 squad on the left flank, one just off center of middle; on one side of a big building (Building was too far forward for me to deploy on properly) a squad just on the right hand side of it and a squad in wood on my right. The PCS's were behind firstly, the far left unit, and behind the middle right unit. Straken was behind them again within 12inches of the non commissar blobs.

Scotty deployed two 10 man quads on my right, two slightly right of the middle, and his termies middle left with priest and libby.

First turn I killed 3 assault marines and he bounded forward with everything. This is where I wish I'd rolled better as my reserve platoon didn't come on... missing out on a perfect chance to hopefully ruin or tie up two of his assault marine squads who had hidden behind some LOS blocking terrain on the far right, turn two I killed a few more marines form the same squad before in his turn he smashed into my far right and middle right squads almost completely removing them before they did a few wounds back but died off as they were caught.

I again failed my roll for reserves, so moved my far left blob forward towards the termies left, also moved middle left blob round towards my table edge and around the building to support that flank,, shooting again was only ok as I ruined some of the remaining 10 man squad and the full squad behind it, my PCS charged the final 2 marines but fluffed straken's command squad was wiped out and he assaulted my blob squad.  

the blob held and won I believe vs. the assault marines wiping them out, Straken also lived but my consol rolls were poor His priest however which i'd failed to hurt broke and began running back, so Straken moved behind him to keep him running.

Turn 4, Al'Rahem came on my right flank, his blob moved on 6 on my close right behind Scotty's 20 man assault marine blob with a string of guys leading up to his corner on my right where I deployed The PCS and SWS.

I did the Like the wind order, shot a single laspistol at his squad to make sure I did no wounds, got a 5 on the free move roll and was well in assault range, the SWS and Al (Al'ahem) moved forward and ran / like the wind respectively. 

In assault the fight was brutal as I mass charged both 10 man assault squads on my left with the diminished lob and Al's blob. The fire on my left on the terminators was useless with all the saves being made, but dragging them out of the main fight.

On Scotty's turn the fights continued, with me losing a fair number but still holding and him actually losing more due to good PW rolls. One squad was wiped out the other fled, but the diminished blob was wiped out. In his turn the termies ruined the PCS which had been behind the blob.

Turn 5 saw me taking an obj up on the right of the table by his deployment with the SWS and Al, meanwhile after the combat I'd got poor consol rolls and moved towards an obj on the right. 

Scotty's turn he moved the remains of the assault marine squad back towards AL and moved the priest over in front of the SWS. The priest's shot killed 1, and then he assaulted. Sadly the priest killed another 1 but I failed to hit him, failed leadership and they were wiped out, AL's squad also felt the furious charge of the remaining Assault marines and were sadly beat and then failed leadership and wiped. This opened the objective to Scotty  and got him away from my blob squad meaning it was a draw at end of turn 5 on prim, him winning secondary and a close enough VP difference.

Both forces were depleted badly and we rolled the dice to continue (It was a 2).

Boom, it went dark... the power in the entire house went out. It seems my good wife and her father had struck a wire in the wall meaning the Power NI fuse had blown, thus we needed to get an Electrician to fix the damage before Power NI could come and change their fuse. Taking Charge of the situation with cool efficiency and an authority of a ommissar they soon ell into line of what I needed.

Straight on it beside me was assistant Commissar Scotty, who sorted the problem and (With my excellent holding of lamps I should add, the real reason we managed to fix it) got things ready for the guy arriving. So a Big thanks to him for firstly being an Electrician, and secondly for sorting things out for me.

Damnit I owe him big now don’t I? 

Although I was told by both Lynn and her mother that I have to let him win the next game for helping us out... not bloody likely, warhammer's serious business and life or death!

Final rough Score assumed:
Primary – Draw (4-4)
Secondary – Scotty (0-4)
VP Diff – Scotty (3-5) (he had about 750-800 left to my 400 left)

So it was a 7-13 Loss. But a Very good learning experience on blob sizes which I’m now expanding on.

Cheers for the Game Scotty.

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  1. That's about right for my learning experience. I should not get my terminators pulled way out wide as they are too slow to get back across the field. The bigger blobs work alot better in hth, as with the smaller squads I was able to do enough damage to get hits against the power weapons and commissar to negate the return damage, but couldnt do enough damage against the bigger squad so actually lost the combat! Straken makes a big difference to guard blobs that charge with 20 odd power weapon attacks hitting and wounding on 4s is BIG with furious charge.