Friday, 25 November 2011

Assault on Arkham Autumn Annihilation tomorrow

So Assault on Arkham happens on the 26/27th November, or in other words tomorrow morning...

...and from the looks of it I’m the only guard player... sheesh where did all the players go? Surprisingly not many play guard up North. While I consider myself a codex marine player first I've also always loved guard form back in the old days when you bought different squads from the different types, ah I loved Cadians back then (Even included the old models I have in the army for the tourney for old times sakes) and the Russes.

But now days it seems the majority are on the pace Wolf and Grey Knight busses, and I cannot figure out why bar maybe the expenses of building a comp guard force compared to those marine books. AV14 Russes should give GK and their usual S8 max some hassles as you can thin down their razorbacks, along with demolishers popping their infantry or dreads... the same with most SW armies who spam ML's on the long fangs and maybe a few lascannons tossed in or on some razorbacks, but it seems people don't do this and instead play the others.

So I'm hoping my choice to learn blob guard won't affect the unique position I’m in (Bar purifiers having a drool when they see me deploy) and i can still take down the evil codex armies (Out of the event I think almost half are SW/GK with SW slightly ahead of the knights.

I'll document my games, learning’s etc and how I did in the end.

Should be interesting...

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