Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Death squads skirmish fun at Lisburn Club

For those of you not sure what I'm talking about check out Death Squads website. Basically it’s a Mordheim / Necromunda mix with 40k using small squads of infantry. You have heroes and henchmen to use easy to understand terms and you develop your squad buying more men, guns, weapons and equipment in order to come out top dog.

They currently have a fair few squads developed, Imperial guard, Renegades, Chaos, Kroot and Orks to name a few, and me being the guard lover I am as well as doing blob guard I went for them and made a skirmish blob.

My Roster was as follows:

Captain - autogun
2x Lieutenant - autogun
2x Sergeant - autopistol and sword

2x Heavy weapon specalist - flamer
6x infantry - autogun

I squared up against Ciaran's Renegades who numbered slightly less I think he was all heroes, some bolters autoguns and the likes as well as 2 flamers.

Mission was rolled up and it was lost Archotech. basically 9 counters are put across the board evenly in rows of 3, 1 row across the middle and the other 2 evenly spaced form it and the board edge (about 12inches from the board edge).

I won first turn and deployed in three groups, central group was my Lieutenants, captain and 2 infantry, left and right were a sergeant, flamer and 2 infantry.

Ciaran deployed roughly two groups of guys just off center on the left and right.

Turn 1, I race forward and take up positions and slightly split the left and right groups into 2 smaller ones.

 I begin by rolling for the lost archotech (the big dice are the counters) needing a 10 and adding +1 after each one searched. This means It should end up in the middle somewhere going by average rolls, but boom second roll I roll an 11 and its mine.

The game just got alot easier, we both decide if I get it off the field (Using 2 men to move normal movement of 4 inches a turn instead of being slowed by 2 inches if only one guy carries it) within the 3 turns it will take we'd continue for a few turns to learn the game.

Ciaran moves up his guys in groups hoping to make a breakthrough and maybe get my running guys with the loot.

Battle is joined but our shots ping off the cover (the normal buildings are 5+) which is all that is standing between death or life since neither of us have armour.

Ciaran downs my captain (Guy with plasmagun model repping autogun in middle on building) but hes just shaken, in reply I down a few of his guys and then he downs a few more of mine.

The right flank becomes messy (My right) and more guys for him go down either OOA (Out of action) or stunned. for me its a few OOA or shaken. Though my flamer guy laughs at his shots as they bounce around him before flaming again catching guys in the blast and OOA'ing one and shaking another.

Here he is having fun.

On the opposite flank his flamer guy is still going strong but the rest of his guys are on the floor mostly, some of mine go down to a flamer blast and my captain climbs back up form being shaken again to pop a guy in a building opposite with 2 shots needing 5s to hit and 4's to wound, both hit and he goes OOA. He wasn't pleased with being downed we suspect.

My left flank towards the end of the game. The orange guy facing to the left of the pic towards the other orangemen is a borrowed flamer guy. He OOA's my flamer on this flank

Game ends with him bottling I think... or was it me just saying I bottle to get to the after match part?

He got a few creds, his captain lived, 1 of his normal infantry died and flamer guy dued and one infantry guy lived. on't remember his full gains but he got more from the assets part.

I got my Lieutenant back, with prefered enemy to his squad! flamer guy lived, normal guy lived, and one died. I scored 18 creds from mission, 40 more from my assets gained in the fight, more form the astrotech, along with some frag nades, more assets, a power weapon, and something else... I rolled like a king.

Basically I could now afford shields for the Sgts, another 2 guys, one replacing the dead guy, the power weapon would go on a sgt and a Lieutenant would take his sword (Lie's and cpt ahve higher BS so I want them shooting not in HTH) as well as some more stuff. Though Ciaranwouldn't have continued he says once things got bad so my exp sadly would have been lower. But the income the same.

Great game and definately having another go.


  1. Okay, I really really like the looks of this.

  2. I'd recommend it, that was my first proper game and it was so addictive and tactical. so many guns means you have to think of ranges and whether to move or wait back out of range of them.

    The mass of different guard squads alone makes it fun to pick a certain type of them.

  3. Definitely looks like you had a lot of fun, I will have to check out the website as I was unaware of such a rule set.

  4. Give it a try Tom, should fit into your current campaign to add small mission objectives which could influence your main games or as leadups to them.

  5. Howdy! I'm VERY happy you guys enjoyed the game! Ohhh... sorry. Little introduction, first. I'm known as The Mordheimer and I'm one of the many who continuously work to make Death Squads a great fan-made experience. I think that you guys got it right... Death Squads has been designed from the ground up just to ENHANCE your 40k gaming experience. After a campaign is completed, you will have a series of GREAT stories that can make your 40k Army feel more 'personal'.

    Duce is also correct in his advice for Tom. Let's say you guys want to 'spice up' your 40k game. Why not prepare a couple of Squads and play a single game... hmmm... how about Missile Silo? The winner gets a few barrage shots (IG Basilisk style) on Turn 2! You don't even have to use the same Squads as you use in your army!

    The game has lots of possibilities. The best of all (IMHO) is that is designed by fans FOR fans! We always listen to the feedback players (like you!) give us, so we make the game better on every release... purely by adjusting and catering to player's feedback. Furthermore, anyone who is willing to work can actually join the Staff and work on adding material.

    We are currently working on the next release... lots of changes. Although I can talk about specifics, we are tackling (among many other things) a huge concern brought by players; Manual's layout. Each Squad will be 'self contained' so players have access to all they need in one book. We will also introduce new Squads (as well as a major revision of others).

    So, come on... join the fun. Get the rules (they are FREE... we don't accept even donations!), paint some models (share pics... that we love!) and tell us about YOUR experiences. Death Squads is YOUR game and our little community is always open and friendly. :D

    Well... back to my basement I go! More stuff to write for TLRB! See you guys at the forum!

    PS: Duce, thanks for sharing your experience. It really means a TON to all of us that great players around the world enjoy the work we do. ;)

  6. Hey mord,

    Not sure if you remember me im duce from toms mordheim site, and one of the guys you and da bank asked at start to test the game... Loved it since then... Just finally got to play it!