Thursday, 3 November 2011

Blob Guard Choices: Priest or no priest in the lists.

The first decision post I’m going to chat about is the imperial priests, and with basically 3's across the statline Ld 7 and a 5+/4++ saves you don't get much for the 45 points right off the bat.

Looking at the limited wargear though gives me a smaller piece of hope. You can swap a laspistol for a shotgun and the close combat weapon for an Eviscerator... now it getting interesting.

Sure the priest is a seperate kill point, but if you put him at the back of your blobs and surround him with men to block enemies getting to him, he could prove to be worth something.

My first thoughts are to take the Eviscerator and the shotgun, with 2 S3 shots vs the pistol's 1 its a better deal since I won't be getting the extra attack anyways from the evis, plus its free! Although the Eviscerator is a healthy 15 points, which while not too bad, does add up making the priest 60 points with the same stat line still... Is it worth it?

Personally I'm torn, I could see the priest being very useful in the outflanking blobs when they enter giving rerolls to hits, and possibly in the normal blobs it would be handy to have that extra anti walker defence as well as the ability to benefit from the reroll hits if you have straken and get a charge off benefiting from furious charge, and with two attacks you have a chance of making one hit with the rerolls, plus all those S4 I4 rerolling power weapon attacks can become much nastier for your opponent.

But its 60 points, and for that you could get two lascannon teams or a 10 man infantry squad with PW on the sergeant, and for a little more you can get a special weapon and meltabombs. That’s a tough compromise for me, make roughly 30+ guys reroll their normal hits, or add in some long range anti tank to the squads giving the blob the ability to sit back and shoot if needs be + some more close combat potential.

The next question is how many to take?

The Foleran website guy had 3 in one of his lists, and while they look to work for him I’m still dubious about their kill point and cost, but would taking 1 on the outflanking blob benefit me as much, or do I need all three blobs taking them to get the real bonus.

Going to have to test run them in the near future once I get the models I think.


  1. If you're bringing one, it's for the benefits he grants his squad, so I'd stick with the base equipment to save points and keep him lurking at the rear of the squad.

  2. I'd agree that hes basically a buff for the blobs, but i'm curious if keeping him at th eback or middle of the blob with an Eviserator coudl be worthwhile to hurt walkers or add some high Str wounds to enemies. 15 points for S6 +2d6 doesn't sound too bad, its just the platform of 45 points which is expensive.