Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Building a deck quick and easy part 2

So in part 2 of making the deck we are now deciding how to polish off the already mostly made one from part 1.

So a quick recap of the deck we currently have:


4x Dirk
4x Puwen
4x Blake
4x Sandra

2x Smashing blow
2x Blood Frenzy
2x Retreat
2x Crippling Blow
2x Bazaar

So we have three routes we can go now in finishing off the deck. Firstly we can continue using just cards from our existing pile, which I’d be inclined to include 2x shield bash for some ally or hero dmg, 2x blood frenzy for more hp which could be helpful vs. mages when they try to burn you down, 4x extra sharp to allow your allies to kill off enemy allies in one shot or do extra burst dmg on the hero, 4 war banner for even more ally damage potential, and finally one rain delay for just in case you fall slightly short in the ally race.

The second option would be to spend some cash on buying more viable cards while keeping what you have (Assuming the player wants to collect all the cards) but selling the excess cards over the play card limits (quantities of 4 and 1 of each hero). The third option can be covered at the same time as it works on selling the poor cards from our existing pool and buying even more good cards so the following information works for both options.

The first point I’d suggest is buy at least one more copy and possibly 2 for each of our existing cards of Retreat, smashing blow, crippling blow and blood frenzy. These cards are in my opinion really handy to have and it seems people take at least 3 of them in decks (Although some people skip retreat it looks like, so if you want a 40 card deck AND the room for more allies/wargear this could be an option.

Next Up look into the more exclusive allies such as Aldon who with his +1 attack for all friendly allies can usually always find a place in decks, Aeon who is a very solid 8hp ally with protector and a nice ability buff can upset mages and keep your smaller allies safe from hero abilities which could kill them outright. Combine him with the earthen protector and you get a nasty combo  where aeon dies, the Earthern protector stops him dying and dies itself, and aeon comes back buffed by EP’s bonus .

Other cards depending on the style of deck you want to play to look at are Priest of the light for his decent stats and his nice little ability, Kris for quick dmg right off the bat, marshland sentinel for some control and definitely lily and jasmine.

Weapon / armour wise Jeweler’s dream and berserker’s edge could be nice for Boris for resource gain / more dmg respectively. And if needed you could add in some armours like king’s pride for ally dmg increase (allies gain 1hp 2 dmg, stack that with Aldon and warbanner and its 4 extra dmg per ally) or armour of the ages    to soak all attempted dmg on your hero.

Also feel free to ogle the support / item cards as some like sever ties can prove to be useful for stopping some hero attachments like full moon on the Wulfen heroes (regens 2hp a turn).

And as mentioned if you go route 2 you can get some of these now and more later, or if you go route 3 you should be able to purchase a fair amount of the cards and get a 40 card deck at least with no problem to kick off your online playing.

Excuse the shortness of this post, it seems blogger deleted my huge one previously and kept only the intro lines.

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