Friday, 25 May 2012

My progress in deck making

So it’s been about 3 weeks now of playing shadow era and I've slowly been testing some decks / cards. Originally I was running Boris as he was my first hero and thus I felt more confident knowing his hero ability, but i wasn't getting too far with him in gaining rank. I do think this may have been due to my card choices as the deck did have a lot of 2/3 card numbers which meant I was relying on more luck to draw certain ones. And even adding jewellers dream for some resource gains I found it tough to begin my attack in board control by turn 3-4.

I did find in my testing some allies were just not needed and others needed in max quantity. Especially puwen who is a 2 cost card with 2dmg 3hp. Perfect for putting down turn 2 to begin trying to kill fire snakes or other 1-2 dmg enemies.

I continued to keep Aldon in the decks in a quantity of 3 as his +1 attack to all allies is really helpful, turning cards like puwen into a 3/3 and even making kris a 2/1 card. Very handy when he can be chipping away on the turn he is deployed. And with a 2/4 profile of his own (bumped to 3atk due to his own rule ion my own turns, he would be lasting hopefully early on, or at least taking hits meaning puwen can hopefully live.

Aeon was another card I kept purely as a mid game defender which I'd put in place making my other allies safe from evil hero abilities which would remove them, and with a 3/8 stat line he seems like too good a card to give up as he really makes my lesser allies safer while making the enemy focus him down to get at the others. All the while Jasmine can be attacking or using her ability to make one enemy ally unable to attack for the turn.

Although I found the deck was still not consistent enough due to my lack of experience and tried swapping to lance, which lasted all of a night as the play style was just not to my taste... that and I lost some rating.

So i switched over to Amber, another warrior hero, but her hero ability is add +2 dmg to any weapon but any further benefits will not stack.

Since changing over I’ve also altered my deck to the following (Wish I’d remembered to take note of my Boris deck so i could show the changes):


3x Jasmine
4x Puwen
3x Aldon
3x Aeon

4x Reserve weapon
4x Smashing Blow
4x Crippling Blow
4x Blood Frenzy
4x Retreat
4x Dimensional Ripper
4x Jewellers’ Dream

So my allies are there to do some dmg, Puwen for quick starts, jasmine and Aldon to support  and Aeon to guard them if needed.

For Items and support Reserve weapon is nice for getting weapons back and adding+1 dmg, with on a jewellers or Dimensional ripper makes them jump up to 4/5 respectively once Amber uses her ability on them. And I have 8 weapons, one for getting some card draw in the form of taking a card form the enemy deck, but there is also the risk of giving them something good from my own deck, Jewellers gives me more resources and dmg for getting more cards out, and works well with crippling blow and retreat being only 2 resources.

Smashing blow is for ruining weapons or armour, crippling blow is for removing big enemy allies’ dmg from the game and blood frenzy gives me some card drawing power. Retreat is just an awesome car for many situations, either dumping  big ally back into their hand to force them to pay the resources again to put it back out, or for taking an ally on my line off if it’s been crippling blowed and I want its dmg next turn or even for (And I don’t have this setup in my deck) Kris, who if you had a war banner out and Aldon, you could hit with him for 3 dmg, retreat him and if enough resource splay him again and hit for more dmg... and if you had enough resources to do it, possibly again.

I do suspect more changes will be occurring quite soon as there are a number of cards I’m looking to include possibly and what to drop to include them, but hopefully my rating will continue to rise as I've managed to get back up to 200 (Currently as writing this 202) and while not that great, its a start on my road to aiming for 250 at least. Hum choices.

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