Monday, 28 May 2012

Single Resource Human cards discussion

So beginning my human side card reviews I’m going to look at the one resource Ally cards available. Do note I’m still learning the game, but am trying to get as much info into my head as possible, hopefully none if it is wrong or misleading... if so let me know so I can edit it properly.

For all the cards in these articles I’ll be doing them in the same format:
Their Name
Number of resources to play (R) / amount of damage they can do base (D) / how many hit points they have (H), and any special abilities they possess – <Ability name> .  

1R/0D/2H – Protector
So Birg is a quick play card who can provide protector early on (Protector stops enemies targeting allies who do not have the protector ability, so they’ll have to waste time removing Brig before your other allies).

She’s a decent Ally who can keep your turn 1 Kris or turn 2 Puwen safe mostly (If you played her turn 2 or turn 1 respectively), and if you have a war banner and / or Aldon down she can begin to deal some damage.

A great strategy which I read was using her in a lance deck where someone said putting her down and stealth her when you have two 3R allies already down can be frustrating as with protector their safe until she’s killed and with stealth she cannot be attacked by normal means. This makes it frustrating for your opponent to get round to begin removing the better target allies.   

The cheap protector can pay off with enemies having to allocate something to at least remove her to get to your allies, and when you are in a close fought game, a 1R card stopping a hit on a dmg dealing ally can make a big difference in a close board control fight.

Combining her with Earthern protector could prove its worth also, she dies, Earthern protector then takes her wounds and dies, and she is returned with 2D 2H and means another ally is required to remove her, although it could be seen as expensive to use up a EP just to restore a 1R protector card, but If you had a buffed ally or two down it could be the difference between for example a fireball or Boris ability removing them from play.

1R/1D/1H – Haste
I’m still liking Kris, his quick play and the small damage can really add up if your opponent cannot stop him quick enough,  and if you get a lucky draw and get one down turn 1 and another two down turn  it can begin to add up, and can be even more fun if come turn 3 you drop an Aldon and all of a sudden your 3 dmg becomes 6 for the round (So turn 1 1D, turn 2 3D, turn 3 6D, that’s already 10 dmg on the hero if this is pulled off).

A nice little trick I learnt was to retreat him for another hit. Basically you attack with him, play a retreat card, and replay him and attack again (You need 3 resources to pull this off). This has actually won me a couple of games  as I was just short in finishing off their hero (I had Aldon down) and needed 2 more damage, otherwise next turn they could remove my 5hp and take the game. So it shows you how the Haste can be a life saver as that attack on the turn you deploy him can really help your game by piling more damage onto enemies. Also since he’s so cheap you can sometimes use him to soften bigger enemy allies for a killing blow by another more useful ally of your own, or vice versa if you have a high enough hp or damage reduction ally to allow them to soak the damage thus allowing you to keep more allies on the field and remove enemy ones.  

An option is building in some more plus damage cards to your deck such as kings pride (+2 D), war banner as mentioned for +1D and Aldon for another +1D... combined (Though it may be unlikely to get it all off, I haven’t tried personally yet, and I’m not sure if it would be a good deck build to take all three in your deck) you could be netting 5 damage of Kris... not bad for a 1R card who you could retreat and hit again with... 10 Dmg for 4 resources?  Not bad at all.

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