Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Changes... oh those changes....

Well things have definitely been different for me in the last week, and lets just say my gaming and blog are going to be changed due to it. 

Starting off on the 20th April I was talking to a guy about what my massive armies were worth, which a few days later after telling him all my gaming stuff evolved into a price... a good price imo... which had me torn, as I still like the game, but it would effectively give me cash and save me having to try to break up the lots into about 500 auctions... and then go to the post office to post them all... hum, tempting indeed as I couldn’t imagine anything worse than that many los and postings.

Move on to  the 28th of April when I accepted his offer, and fast forward again to Thursday just passed. When he had the items picked up from mine (Saving me even having to sort out delivery!)... Well the gaming room feels empty and I'm without any models now for any games bar a small starship trooper force and an Adepts Titanicus titan legion which will be going on Ebay soon as I've no plans to play the games...  

This leads me to ponder what to do with the blog... I'm not wanting to just delete it, and I'd rather not let it lie unused. so another option is to change it to a general blog catering for whatever crazes I go through and documenting them... because with 6th edition so close there is no point me putting up more tactics for units when the entire game system could be altered, and with no models I can't even put up some battle reports showing how I used the list and even putting up lists is not as suitable now due to 6th... so I think on that front I'll wait to see how 6th looks before buying back into the game. Wow scarily I suppose I could say in a sense I'm out of the game now... but I've still an interest for sure in it.

So maybe swapping the blog over to a general blog or letting it lie as a resource pool are the best options.

Also I'm rambling it seems.

Back to playing a new addiction I think...


A Ipad / PC  CCG/TCG (Collector card game, Trading card game) and I use both as it is also being released in a physical form soon, and I cannot wait. 

More information about its basics can be found at http://shadowerawiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

But it basically is a game which uses 30+ cards (40+ cards if you want to play online games vs. players, the 30 cards plus are for plying the AI on single player type mode). You pick your side which is either the human or shadow side, and then select your hero who can be a warrior, mage, priest (human side ones as examples) or wulfen, elemental or warrior (Shadow side ones) and build a deck with allies (small guys who fight with you), supporters (buffs, bonus giving cards, weapons and armour for your hero) and a resource pile which you sacrifice cards from your hand into to boost your allowance of actions.

You try to put their hero's Hp down to zero to win...  simple enough sounding, but hard enough to do while still learning how to build a deck.

The physical cards look ace, and I cannot wait for their release. But I suspect living in Northern Ireland finding others may be tough at first until it takes off (Hopefully!).

Developer website talking about the cards etc http://www.wulven.com/cards.php



  1. Wait a minute, you sold everything? Holy crap. That's a bold step. Better stash the money or you'll blow it before 6th comes out and you won't have anything to spend on a new army.

  2. Got a good offer for all my guard, marines and more, just have to wait now and see if sixth ed is worth building a new force for.

    But yeah, was kind of a shock for me too as had thought would take longer for potential buyers :)

  3. Wow, this is a bit of a shock...