Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Any requests? and pictures of priests.

So as a quick post today I'm wanting to know if there is anything Readers want covered in the next few articles or if not I'll continue on my random path of throwing up a mix.

If there are requests please feel free to ask and I'll write up an article packed full of my opinions which can be discarded if not to your tastes.

To pad out the post here are a couple of pictures of imperial priets with big swords. now this is value for your eyes, a request and a big sword.... I spoil any readers I have I swear.


  1. Wow! that's a very big sword you have there ;)

    Nah nothing special, you heading to K-Con?

  2. Can't make K-Con sadly, but am going to Warpcon, you heading down for it Chris?

  3. Can't get an army ready in time. Probably not gonna be heading to Arkham either, K con may be the only one I head to for the next few months while I build my new army up to standard.

  4. Just more of the same James as you are doing a great job, although it would be good if we could possibly do something collectively, i.e. battle report or something even if it was at night as we live, pretty close and we don't live too far away from each other, As I could easily get a AJ involved.

  5. Maybe a random partner 2v2 tom? 875points odd and we all blog about it so 4 different views and opinions / tactics?