Monday, 16 January 2012

A look at: Codex marines - Special characters

With Today being quite busy I've not had enough time to do th entire post 've been working on, so to fill the gap here's the Special characters breakdown I had saved to tie you over.

Either on a bike leading a biker army, or on foot making your dedicated transports outflank. Outflanking tactical marines and land raider termies can make people cry. Can work well with Tigurius if points allow for the improved rerolls for reserves.

The god of the codex, load up with any of the following to have giggles. MM/HD speeders, land raiders with assault termies with TH/SS inside, tactical squads with multimelta and flamers, dreadnoughts with multimeltas, biker squads with 2maltas and attack bike with multi melta.

Being solid in CC and basically a termie who can sweeping advance he can beat down most enemies with his S6 master crafted weapon, one of my favourite special characters in the game.

fleeting TH/SS termies anyone? a squad of 10 infiltrating just over 18 inches from your lines with shrike and the enemy will panic. Also works well running with vanguard squads or assault marines with a tooled up Sgt so you get more power weapon hits form the relative cheapness of the squad.

Expensive, but opens up honour guard army's. He hits like a truck and usually can handle most enemies thrown at him due to eternal warrior. Put in land raider and throw down enemies’ throat. His tactics aren't bad too; being allowed to pick all your morale rolls is a big plus.

not the best on his own, the powers for the codex boys aren't as powerful and he’s a more expensive librarian who helps reserves, but then again not many armies in the codex will use reserves outside of bikers or drop pods.

a tough chaplain who can help your hammer units out in CC, I’ve not honestly used him that much but he does have merits in the army to soak some high str shots.

Another combat monster who has a shooty power, not the best sadly due to this mix, but works well with assault termies in land raiders, or drop podding sternguard who benefit from bolter drill. His super thunder hammer also helps out a lot when hitting tanks

Another underused guy, his bestow special rules for one squad is nice, as is his coup de grace attack at S6, but he just doesn't feel that special compared to some others. Works well with a balanced marine army imo. The extra seize is also handy to have but not build a plan around.

A chapter master... with a power fist... lovely, so his higher Ini is wasted, he strikes ini1 so can be killed before attacking, only has a 4++, but his storm bolter is great as is his ability to make sternguard scoring..

The +1 attack is just a minor bonus; it will help a little but don't rely on it to make all combats yours. I'm personally confused how to use him. He needs to be close to fighting to add his aura, also his storm bolter, but with his bombardment and less than top notch CC weapon choice he really seems to be a sit back and counter charge vehicles making a run for your objectives.

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