Friday, 20 January 2012

Death squads: Stop the Launch!

So as mentioned I got to play a game of Death Squads over Christmas, and decided to do one of the themed missions continuing on with my squad after my match in Lisburn with Ciaran. With the extra funds I bought a replacement guy for my one who died, and decided to theme it up a bit to add a Harker type add-on as well as the two priests I just finished for my blob guard as it was already stacked against the team.

Captain - autogun
2x Lieutenant - autogun
2x Sergeant - autopistol and sword

2x Heavy weapon specialist - flamer
6x infantry - autogun

2x Priest with shotgun and Eviserators
1x Harker

The Team have snuck forward as close to the objective during the Night, disembarking from the chimera they have a few hours until dawn, so they have to move fast. The mission is simple, get to the stolen Manticore and recapture it. This means either wiping out all the enemy models on the table + the reserves, or keeping a soldier by the vehicle for 2 turns uninterrupted.

The force must start within 6 inches of the chimera. I deploy the main force of my infantry men along with a heavy weapon guy to the front and side of the chimera with Harker a few normal guys and the other heavy behind it. The command guys in the middle.

Note. These will be just highlights as a turn by turn would take far too much time. Starting off I begin rushing the men forward as there is a turn limit on the game (30 turns, unless I'm wiped out or rout before then).

Moving the main blob (I couldn't resist keeping the priests with the majority of the infantry men and the Sgts to make a mini power blob just in case the alarm is raised and the reinforcements appear close by) towards the left and the small flanking group off to the right, no chance of being detected yet.

I begin splitting off a few men and a heavy from the blob to deal with the small sandbagged outpost to the left of the pic keeping the out of LOS while the main blob heads up the middle hoping to remain out of LOS from the centre outpost.

Success on the left flank, the flamer downs and removes a few and the shots from his buddies down the rest, noise level went up but I was safe for now. I had 4 turns rolled until the next radio in from the main base, so needed to continue moving fast.

In the middle I managed to assault in to the other outpost but combat was a draw due to tons of crap rolls... damnit I need to thin them down, then the priests roll their hits and boom both guys are turned into red mist.

On the right I try to guess where the patrol will end up but misjudge, I’m spotted and have to remove them or the alarm is sounded.

The shots fail to hit and wound, they get shots off and down a heavy trooper guy, shaken... I can deal with that now, but I need to be quick in removing these heretics. More misses or fail to wounds... damnit this is not going well so early in the game...

...until the heavy bolter charges up and rattles off a death kell of shots, each one finding and  taking down a guy...

...Harker you are a lovely useful man to have...

...Then the noise roll is done and its bad... heavy bolters make a lot of noise it seems...

...Maybe I changed my mind Mr Harker!

Part 2 to come and hopefully more interesting, sorry lots of turns were sneaking into position.


  1. I have never actually used the rules death squad before, I might have to check about.

    Although have you use killzone.

  2. I've looked at the rules and downloaded them, looks interesting system.