Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lisburn Gaming Club League kicks off!

So Lisburn are kicking off their next league, and I cannot wait!! I’ve signed up as guard for the obvious reasons and notice so far I'm the only one playing them... awesome I’m a minority again!

So far the armies included are looking like:
Eldar - 3
Dark Angels -1
Chaos marines -3
Tyranids - 2
Grey knights - 4
Space Wolves - 1
Necrons - 1
Space Marines - 2
Orks - 2
Blood Angels - 3
Imperial Guard - 1 (Me)
Dark Eldar - 2

So a good mix, surprisingly few GK / Necrons (Rowan ‘top tables’ Sheridan is only one) with my guesses the unknowns make up more GK though and more BA if I’m correct.

Excellent, a good mix and most of the armies I’m happy to play against.

The Rules for this event are as follows:

Starts: Jan 28th, 2012
Ends: June 9th, 2012

Missions from 5th edition rule book, rolled for at start of the game. Points are 1850. Games must be played at LGC in a normal club day (including Fridays).

Models: Proxies are allowed, must be clearly identifiable and explained before the game. (I.e. if you’ve a squad of four lascannon marines, and they are being played as a Plasma Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Multimelta and a Lascannon; there has to be some way of identifying which is which. For instance numbering them and noting on the army list which is which.)

Forgeworld and other company models are allowed but only to model rep. Rules from Imperial Armour are not allowed.

Armies: You must stay with the same codex throughout the league. If a new codex is released for this army during the league dates, it may only be played four weeks after it is released. This allows both players time to get familiar with the new rules. (If a new rulebook is released it will not be used in this league)

You may swap you army if you want to try something different, however this must be made as a request through the league discussion board or through a committee member. Once requested it will be put to a vote of all active league players (any ties will be decided by the committee.)

Army Lists: Lists can be made on the day and handed in with the score sheet. You do not have to keep the same list throughout. This is because, as many are aware, list building can be a major part of WH40k and we want to reward good list building.


Win – 3 points
Draw – 1 point
Loss – 0 points

Invalid lists
: Lists will be check after a game has been played. If no list has been handed in the game is void and no points are scored. If a player refuses to hand in a list the game is forfeit and the opponent gets a “Win.”

If a player is found that a list is invalid they also forfeit the game and the opponent gets a “Win.”

If both players have invalid lists then the match is void and a rematch may be played.

A player may issue a challenge to any other league player. It is assumed that if you have entered the league you will accept all challengers. The only acceptable reason to refuse a challenge is if you are restricted by time or unable to attend the club.

If too many challenges are refused by a single player, the committee will decide if the player should be removed from the league.

Playoffs: Once all results are confirmed the top four in the league will pair off in a knockout format.
The playoff games will be: Pitch Battle, Annihilation.
Match up will drawn at random

So the rules allow me to swap lists... perfect! Now some good Blob experimenting for my season, and of course I’ll be blogging the games with pics and turn by turn to learn from.

You can also keep up to dat with the league progress by going HERE

Roll on a weekend when I can get down for games now.


  1. sounds like a good idea, and hopefully it can build upon the success of last year, make sure you keep us up to date on how well you're doing.

  2. Cheers Tom, I'm going to use the league to document more lists and test some random combos out. to name a few, Deathstrikes, Orgyns, lord commissar, and vanquisher.

    How goes the orks?