Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Warpcon Game 1

So second tourney using the blob, bigger field of players, slightly different army compositions, there were loads more BA and the new Necrons getting their first tourney, this would be a good test for my list.

Even better was finding out there were other Blob lists taking part, one with Straken and Creed, and one more, but sadly I didn’t get to see the list. Round 1 is called and I’m playing Jan and his orks... balls... not the match I want first thing when I need a game to get back into the swing. My List is the one mentioned in the heading to warpcon post.

Real Life picture of Jan
The mission is:

Pitched Battle, Primary Seize ground (3 counters across centre line), Secondary Capture and control.

Jan’s List is roughly.

Big Mek
11 Lootas
10 Lootas
5x 30 boy squads with BP and PK
10 grots

I win roll for first turn and he doesn’t seize. I do nothing major first turn, in his he moves all his guys forward.

Turn 2 my out flanking blob arrives on the right, great I can use this to hit his flank and hold that obj. In his turn 2 he assaults into that bob wiping it all out! And he went second... I think I put out 11 wounds only and he took my main blob down.

Turn 3 I move blob on my right forward and try to get the left blob into charge range also. Left fails rolling a 1 for Diff Terrain; other makes it in with a boy squad. On the right the remains of the SWS and AL’s PCS assault either end of the remaining boys, lose both combats with the SWs and AL dying, in his turn Jan moved boys on my left up moved lootas and has other lootas shoot straken who makes his saves.

My turn
His turn

One squad of boys on the left fails its assault, assaults the right blob with Grot and his squad, I kill 10 and 4 more on right, the right blob dies off and commi soul survivor of a combat advances onto mid obj and left holds after losing 15 and a HWT.   
Left Blob fighting tooth and nail to live

Turn 4 I charge the boys with Straken and friends, and kill 11, this finishes off boys, and other combat doesn’t do well. Jan moves forward with all his boys, assaults straken, killing his squad all off. He kills my PCS on right with loota shooting even with GTG, I rolled Straken’s saves one at a time for effect, he saves 8 out of the 12 dying on the 9th damn L
Just before Jan's final charges of the game

Tabled for a 0-20 all the damge I did to his Boy squads put them to 15 models, 1 away from some VP's damnit... 
A very sore game for round 1, but Jans a top guy, so I can’t be mad. Blob learning’s will be in final post of the series.

Also a picture of Jan and me shaking hands at the end of the game...


  1. Lovely photo, I can really see the joy in your eyes.

  2. What can I say, Jan is like a fatherly Ork to me :P

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  4. Try not to worry too much as it's probably the worst matchup you could have in round 1

  5. I'll second that comment, unfortunately I don't learn from my own mistakes :)

    Nice report.

  6. All I can think is I should have shot and not assaulted. and kept in cover to make sure I hit first. Thats why I document matches Chris, or I won't learn from my games either :P

  7. You made a wish for the matchup and it came true.

    I tried to war you lol

  8. Practise makes perfect John, realised I did some horrible stuff which didn't help my case, time for more practise vs hordes with the list (Jan was my first).

    Next time sir... next time.