Friday, 10 February 2012

Warpcon Game 5

So final game of the day, I need the final push in points after drawing with Colin in game 4. I draw Rob (I believe that was his name) who is using space wolves, hopefully this could go my way. His list was:

Rune priest,
5 wolf guard, 1 is temrie with cyclone, 3 PA with PF /CM, and one bare bones guy.
2 x five man wolf scouts, 2x PW and Meltagun
2x ten man Grey hunters 2 meltagun, banner in rhinos
Five man Grey hunter squad with melta in a bolterback
3x five man long fangs, each with 3 ML and 1 LC
Land Raider Redeemer with Multi-melta and EA.

Mission is Pitched battle deployment, Primary: Kill Points, Secondary: Seize ground (3 counters placed by us).

He wins the roll off for placing objs, and places one in behind a building, I place one more central and by big ruins in middle of table and he places final one close by the first one on a piece of ruined imperial Aquila.

I win the roll off for first turn and take the side where he placed the obj out of LOS. He tries to seize and fails. He also reserves all bar his long fangs that deploy centrally with the RP attached.

Turn 1, I sit still to see what his plans are and open fire killing some long fangs. In his turn he moves the rune priest forward behind terrain, I’m suspecting to get Straken or some Commissars.

Turn 2 I begin moving blob on right forward and shift around the other one for better position. His 2x 10 man Grey hunter sin rhino come on side by side on the left board edge and smoke, Land raider one close by on the far left flank. Rune priest comes forward and jaws at Straken... Straken passes! Yay, hopefully this means his only shot is gone and I can get him in combat next turn.

He causes some more cas on right hand blob with blasts and lascannons but I’m soaking it well.

Turn 3 My outflank blob comes in on the left, perfect, I ring on the SWS and Al behind the rhinos and the main blob infront, my decision since they moved 12 inches is just to try to blow up the transports for quick KP and assault the GH’s inside. I achieve this but lose a few men in the process, then assault into one GH squad, and assault the rune priest, the blob mauls the GH’s but also take decent cas, luckily I have 30 odd bodies to sacrifice before he can touch my power weapons, I think only his fist lived. The Rune priest dies.

In his turn 3 his scouts come on and assault my blob guarding the obj on left, then he assaults my blob with the other GH squad and pops banner.  Combat goes well and I finish off the lone GH and fight more of his fresh squad, in combat the scouts suffer to masses of PW attacks but do some ok dmg.

Turn 4, I move forward and assault middle group of fangs, I make the GH squad lose combat and flee off the table, some of my stuff dies, and in combat I finish off the scouts by left obj.  In his turn the other scouts and razorback come on marines hop out and bolter AL’s guys more, the scouts assault the same blob as last ones, he kills off Al’s squad, assaults middle blob with his other fang squads and combats are decent cas both sides, his LF’s are down to 1 guy, scouts thinned down and I lose a few in both. The redeemer flames my guys in cover and kills few.

Turn 5, I move forward with the right blob   and kill Razorback with meltas, I move Straken and PCS forward onto the obj in middle and kill 5 scouts with the blob and consolidate onto the obj fully covering it just in case. His turn 5 he fires on Straken’s squad and kills a few, he does 1 kill on the PCS who are out of los and in cover and went to ground. The redeemer barrels over and assault cannons the PCS I save them and game ends on a 1.

Great game and Rob really hated my Commissars by the end... rolled an 11 in combat with the outflank blob squad and he cheered picking up his dice to begin chasing me down and wiping me, sadly I reminded him of the reroll and after removing a Sgt got a double 1, insane courage just to rub it in.  This continues twice more and thankfully the men stayed in the fight, making Rob admit he gave up on catching my KP lead as he’d have to table me and some units were out of range / LOS to achieve this, so he took his frustrations out on the blobs to kill my Commissars.

Great guy and was unlucky on how well I can roll 5+ saves it seemed as some rolls of 12 dice meant 10 wounds, which I saved 6 out of.   

I win by miles in Kill points thankfully, think it was 10-2, Secondary, he’s contested the middle obj with fangs, one is untouched, and I hold one in my deployment zone. The VP difference we’re close enough so 3-3.

Final score is a 17-3 to me. Not bad. Sadly though it only gets me back up to 19th out of 54. Moderate imo, I wanted a top 10 finish from this event for ranking points to help my Team NI score.  The score I got is exactly the same as the one I was hoping to improve on, damns it. Even 5 more points would have got me up to 12th. It was just that close a field it seems, auk well I win some I get tabled in some.

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