Friday, 3 February 2012

Warpcon Game 2

So Game 2, and I’m sitting on a big fat Zero points, I was in two minds come this stage, one being damn it I’m so screwed being so far behind the top guys, and the second, hopefully now I’ll have a better chance of good matchups and gain back some ground. It seems poor Jimmy who was my next round opponent was in the same boat having lost 0-20 vs. Rowan’s Necrons.

Mission was:
Spear head, Primary: CNC, Secondary: KP.

Jimmy reveals he’s playing tau vs me, the first question for him, any flamers or blasts... he says no, I have a chance it seems.

Jimmy was running roughly:

A HQ battle suit guy
Loads of Crisis suits, plasmas and Missiles I think
Some fire warriors on foot and a squad in a devilfish
Pathfinders and a devilfish

We roll off and he wins deployment, placing his CNC right back behind his hill, I plant mine forward in my quarter.

I seize (Thank god) and being my marching, move move moving to gain ground using the massive rock hill in the middle of the field as cover while sweeping my men back and around terrain, he shoots my closest blob and does 7 causalities.

Turn 2 I move forward and MMM again, Al’s blob come son and I’m overjoyed, his obj is within charge range and he’s got suits which I know will JSJ unless I finally catch them in HTH, so with this one blob I could tie up a troop squad (and put power weapons into them) and hold up shooting. They come on the wrong side, I reroll, and wrong side.... damn it! I was so cross inside with the odds of that happening.   His turn Farsight and friends come down and shoot up blob nearest me again.

Turn 3 I move up blobs and kill pathfinders in HTH, other blob assaults his commander and kills the drone. Its gained ground and I’m in HTH with the weakened blob which helps my chances. He deepstrikes his suit in midfield and kills some of my right blob and assaults, I wipe his commander but have to consolidate backwards.

Turn 4 I charge Straken into the fight to help speed it up and charge the broadsides with the right blob. Making them flee and keep within 6inches In reply he moves forward with some units some shots. He tanks hocks me just back with his fish putting me out of 3inches (Targeted Commissar who had no melta bombs sadly right on tip).

Turn 5 I kill off some suits in farsights squad and charge the tank and suits on his CNC obj, kill a few but only stun tank, damn, I was hoping to blow it up and use that space to pile in, no luck and in his turn he kills a few more men in the rearward out flanking blob which has massed over my CNC as they were too far out of the fight to get across the table in 4 turns even with MMM (assuming 6inch move for 4 turns = 24inches and taking 4 inches average from 3 dice on MMM, 12 more inches. That would only get me 3 feet in roughly meaning half way across the table. So they frustratingly become my home CNC holder unit.
Game ends due to time. I win Secondary (KP) and Draw Primary (CNC), VP wise it was even roughly.

I’m so frustrated, but it’s not directed at Jimmy who I will state was a great guy, and no offence is intended to him if he reads this as he was a good game, but I’m hopeful if my outflanking blob had come on the right side his suits and fire warriors would have been dragged down in HTH after masses of melta put into them, and also his devilfish would have been melta’d by the SWS and Al’s command, then I’d just have consolidated onto his obj and made him remove me while the blobs went after the remains.

Again I mean no disrespect to him or his skills, this is just my opinion of what would have happened if the outflank had gone right for me (2/3 chance followed by 2/3 chance.... groan to dice rolls at times). This would have stopped so much of his shooting, and I’m sure my 20 PW attacks and masses of wounds would have eventually thinned the suits down in my preferred method of combat.

A frustrating but still decent 13-7 to me.

Great game Jimmy, Don’t mind my old man style grumblings! I have to take the good times with the bad.

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