Thursday, 2 February 2012

Corporation Armoured Division, a cheap Blob army option!

Interupting my warpcon match reviews as I couldnt resist putting this up...

So Mantic games are releasing a army deal for their Sci-fi human infantry, the ''Corporation Armoured Division'' and wow do these guys look good, if you're wanting to start a new guard army of any type this along with the Secret weapon models would kick start you off nicely!

This offer gives you: 

1 x FREE Warpath Rules which are just a bonus in case you want to play the army in their system (One army working in 2 systems? Nice bonus!)

1 x FREE Metal Corporation Major-General with Energy Fist and Energy Sword options, looks awesome, and for free even better, he can make a really good Company commander model.

60 x Corporation Marines Includes Energy Fists and Special Weapon, excellent, this should give you the options to make 6 full infantry squads if you stick to just these models, although if you add in the heavy weapon teams you can squeeze this out to 7 squads and have 4 guys spare to make the CCS from! (Also remember to break one of the 10 man squads down into 2 5 man squads for the PCS)

9 x two-man Heavy Weapon Squad with Heavy Laser and Autocannon variants, excellent, lascannons and autocannons means you can use these guys in either mech lists with autocannons in chimeras, or lascannons on foot to give the blobs some good anti mech fire power.

30 x Corporation Veterans - 24 Veterans with Special Weapons and 6 x two-man Heavy Weapon Team, even more troops which can be infantry to become veterans, or special weapon troopers for your infantry platoons above, further stretching them out, or for your mechanised lists.

40 x Corporation Rangers includes drop-packs and special weapons, nice even more models to bunch out your army with and add as squads of some sort. This offer has gotten better and better value as I’ve gone through it.

Round Plastic Bases, well this is a given but least you don’t have to buy them separate

Mantic Points, again this is a nice addition if you are expecting to be buying more models from them in the future with more releases for the guard type models.

So what’s the damage?

£149.99 total... free shipping. That’s £1 and 1 pence per model!! (148 models total) seriously this is a very good deal and I’d highly recommend it for players wanting to begin guard armies of any type, that amount of infantry will keep you tied over for a very long time before you feel the need to ever buy more.  Add in 6-8 Secret weapons 6x6 wheelers and you have a good base of chimeras to add into the mix, and remember these same vehicles can be hellhound variants or Leman Russ tanks if you need and want a continuous theme to the force.

I also believe this gets you the best value for your money for cost saving to make an imperial army out there, let me know if I'm wrong.

Check out the offer HERE and buy one!


  1. very cool. shame i already have a big guard army. though these guys could esily pass off as elysian drop troops

  2. I'm still tempted even with the size of my guard army for the commander, looks like a good plasma pistol and either PW or CCW.

    Even the mention of energy fists and weapons makes me want to get a set to use the arms to get more wrgeared up Sgts.

    The price alone makes this offer so much better.

  3. Wargames factory gets you 76 minions and 9 weapon team for 105 pounds. Quality is a bit lower than Manatic (be wary). Defiance games gets you 96 minions for 64 pounds (I have not got any yet so I can not comment on the quality(