Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Codex marines - List Types / Themes

I doubt I’m saying anything new or unheard of but since I did the codex marines units reviews I thought I should just fire up some common tactics / list builds people use so people can get an idea of how they work... there will be many more homemade list themes, like shrike and scouting termies, 'thunder bubble' lists to name a few. anyways, on to some of the general list themes:

Drop pod armies/ Deep strike heavy,
Load up with Dreads, master of the forge, assault terminators, tactical marines and some land speeders, give them meltas/ heavy flamers, etc and try to get at least 9 pods, meaning you can drop in your dreads to safer positions and blow up the enemy forces, over turns 2-5 drop in tactical marines to support where needed or capture points. Scouts can make a good cheap home objective capper.  Don’t always feel you have to drop right in the enemies face, but a central supported approach works to keep the squads close enough to cover each other  and use the drop pods as LOS blockers.

lots of razorbacks with lascannons, predator tanks with dakka or autolas loadout, tactical marines with lascannons or just cheap 5 man squads, some speeders and some rifleman dreadnoughts and sit back and shoot, as the game progresses you advance 6 inches and keep firing, also you can sub in a land raider with some termies to add some CC punch.

a full biker army, or take Khan and reserve everything, I’ve found making 1-2 units come on normal reserve adds to the opponents frustration as now they have 3 board edges to watch, making it a hassle for them to position well to guard all side/rear armour. works well with normal termies in dedicated landraider, assault termies in dedicated land raider, normal termies have cyclone, assault have TH/SS, some tactical squads with meltagun, multimelta and combi meltas in rhinos, a few razorbacks with assault cannons,

basically a good mix of units. I find the gun line army style mentioned above works well for me, my own personal all comer army list was as follows:

HQ: Librarian, nullzone, Avenger. (Gives me some anti psyker and some offence)

Troops: 5x five man tactical squads in razorbacks, you have the choice of turrets, I usually run 2 with TLplasma/las and 3 with TL lascannons, 3 of the sgts have combi meltas (Usually 1 of the TL las and both the TL plasmas as they advance closer to bring more weapons into range) all the razorbacks have dozer blades to keep their paths open and stop them breaking down in terrain.

Elites: 3x rifleman dreadnoughts, good mobile fire support which walk and fire, best bit is I hide them behind rhinos or razorbacks for cover saves turn 1 then walk them to get side armour shots as needed

Heavy: 3 'Dakka' Predator battle tanks, autocannon turret and sponson heavy bolters adds some light anti tank and a huge amount of horde thinning firepower. AV 13 front and good range means their never a bad investment for 85 points each.

Fast Attack: 2x single land speeders, both with multimelta and heavy flamer. Quick cheap units I can use to kill something and die without feeling a loss. They do horde control and vehicle popping very well and can be hidden behind the tanks for cover saves until needed.

Another list I ran roughly was same bar dropping a pred for vnidi, a razorback + squad and speeders for landraider with termies, librarian for captain with relic blade and SS who went in with termies, this still have gunline properties but also throws in a counter charge unit for big nasties.

FINAL THOUGHTS: people claim the army is lacking, and sure they aren't wolves, or guard, but they can fight all the other codexes with just the same slight uphill battle a first codex from an edition has... their still workhorses and the list I mentioned above can hold its own in a tourney format. Never discount the codex boys, they can still surprise I find.

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