Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Arkham Winter of War round 1

So Round 1 and I draw John Stowe... damn it after the Jan thing of smack talking I learnt not to ask for these sort of matches yet I still get them.  It’s not the worst though John’s a great guy and I’m expecting some horrible learning lessons about facing Necrons.

The mission is: Dawn of war, Primary: CNC, secondary: Size ground (4).

John wins the roll off and picks his side. I fail to seize.

Turn 1:  john roll son the army across the board bar his wars who are in reserve, in reply I roll on my army across the board but forget a Manticore which John decided goes back into reserves, stupid mistake on my part as it means I’m not firing a turn earlier... error 1 for the game.

Turn 2: the night fighting is horrible as it blows up my Manticore on my far right, and wrecks a hell hound on the left from a weep attack. In reply I move forward and disembark CCs and vets on left, reorganise on the right and blow up his command barge and thin wraiths to 3 models.

Turn 3 the lightning is kind and nothing happens both wars move on and his army moves forwards, kills a man, assaults both my CCS’s and kills 4 on right and 1 on the left one, the left side flees and I do 1 wound back... at least I can hope to rally as 4/5 men alive. My turn I shuffle a bit cry as my hellhound with dozer blade fails its terrain causing it to be poorly out of position for its heavy flamer, kill 4 wars with Manticore who had rumbled on turn 2 as one stood back up, I flame up the scarabs and kill all bar 4 bases. My CCs never rallies as I was stupid in forgetting to move a chimera to put his wraiths out of 6inches. error 2... not a good beginning to my event.

Turn 4, night fighting ends assaults my chimeras on right and kills it, stuns my hellhound and wrecks a chimera on the left, my Infantry squad on right is wiped out. In reply I try to get to the objs, but my run roll is not enough meaning I fall short so my cnc obj is not held, damn it, my chimera which I was hoping to rush onto the SG obj is also wrecked so this now means I’m unable to claw back anything.
Due to lack of time the game ends,  I lost primary, drew secondary, Vp is in his favour slightly I think to make a 16-4 to John.

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