Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Warpcon Game 4

So Day 2, I’d not bothered to check where I was sitting after round 3 as it would no doubt get me frustrated, although I did get to meet the guy I would be playing today, Colin from DGG (I believe that is his club).

Spent quite a bit of the night musing over this, knowing he would be running princes and lash with oblits I needed to figure out how to counter my blobs being dragged out and mauled.
Come the day I found out the details of his list (during the pregame segment where you swap lists) and his list was:

2 Daemon princes, wings, lash.
3 termies with combi meltas in land raider
5 CSM in rhino I think he had meltas but that didn’t worry me
7 Plague marines in a rhino
7 Khorne Zerkers
9 Oblits.

The mission was: Spearhead, Primary: Seize ground (1 obj in centre of each quarter and one in the middle), Secondary: KP.

Ok, so spearhead gives me a slight chance as i can deploy outside his lash range hopefully, He wins first turn and puts me in a meh corner, not much terrain.

I fail to seize and he begins.

After his first turn
Turn 1 he moves forward oblits running in the shooting phase, land raider and rhino enter DT. He does fail 2 psychic tests. In my turn I kill an oblit from the squad out of cover now on the left and one in cover on the right.

Turn 2 his termies come down by my left blob closest to his long table edge (LTE), he again moves forward  and gets his oblits into cover, DP’s move closer and lash my blob into combat (I broke them into 20 man blobs on deployment) I do 1 wound to a prince but lose a bunch of men. In my turn I kill I kill a termie with shots, fluff shots on the LR and run rest of my blobs to his LTE. In HTH his Princes kill few more men.

Turn 3 his LR comes forward (Damn people never failing DT, I was wishing so much it would happen). Zerkers charge the furthest right blob not in combat, I kill a termie in HTH my blob is almost removed but kills a few men, DP’s kill my squad even more but they hold. In reply I charge Straken into his zerkers... I need to remove them as their a scoring unit and a kp, so best chances are now before his princes get out and targeting becomes hectic. My blobs continue running on the left up to the LTE. Loads die from straken’s squad but enough live and kill all bar 1 of the Zerkers, nice.

Turn 4, he kills few men on far left blobs, moves DP towards straken’s combat. Other back a bit and the oblits reposition. I manage to get on the outflank blob and they get my right, walking on Al and the SWS come close to oblits on the creator near my edge, the main blob goes after the rhino and chaos marines on an obj in his quarter. Oblits die to LTW (Like the wnid) through shooting and assault. And I take that obj, the blob gets into combat with his CSM and rhino blowing it up and thinning them to a few men.

other end of the table

Turn 5 he kills some men in blobs, assaults Straken who holds the prince and wounds him, assaults oblits into the blob. In my turn I kill few men fail some terrain rolls which slows me down, continue moving left blobs towards obj in top left quarter. And make a huge mistake! I fire a lasgun into oblits along with meltas meaning I can’t assault them after to take the obj. Crap, one oblit left on the obj mocks my stupid call... should have just assaulted and fired melta, lesson learnt be careful what I declare to fire... I thinned his CSM down to 1 guy, some wound son oblits and I hold combat.

The game ends due to time. Damn that cost me big firing a lasgun without thinking. I was meant to assault in and wipe them giving me an obj. As it stands its 1-1. So draw primary, KP it’s the same, so draw again, and VP is close enough for no difference. A pure 10-10 draw.   

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