Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Warpcon Game 3

Game 3, I’m clawing back some points but I’m still right down in the rankings, I draw Ian who is playing Dark Eldar... uh oh... and arrive at the table to see it’s a venom spam list... uh...oh this could go bad really quick.

Mission is Dawn of War, Primary: Kill Points, Secondary: Capture and control.

His list is roughly:
Humk (Haemonculus)
6 x Venoms with wraks and trueborn in them
3 Ravagers
9 wyches in a Raider

I decide on deploying first, and deploy both blobs right up along the midway line with good fields of vision, both blobs with men trailing back out of the cover (2 massive woods) back a bit to a bunker in my deep left where Straken and such were hiding out of LOS.

He declares full reserve but deploys a wych raider with humk on my right.

Turn 1, move my deployment a bit and cannot see in the dark, in reply he flies the raider forward, deploys and charges. Scarily the wyches fluff and the guard beat them making them flee with only 1 wych and a humk, the power weapons just proving too efficient in combat. Phew that could have gone badly for me, consolidate and keep them running next turn hopefully.

Turn 2 I blow up the raider, Al comes on right and moves so as to give cover for the squad by hiding majority of men behind a bunker. On his turn 2 3 venoms come on, and pepper l’s bob, but I make good saves (And Ian rolled poorly) I think he killed 8 overall. He takes a few shots at hte middle blob and their mostly fine.

Turn 3 I blow up a venom with BID Lascannon fire and stun another, the outflank blob continues to move further into cover and advance. He gets a Rav on another venom on and kills more men in the outflank blob and few in middle. The wyches are lifted off still within 6 inches of my guys and have run off the field.  

Turn 4 I blow u a Rav and realise I forgot my BID doh, my other shots fluff... damn it. In reply shoots up the Al blob make some good saves and lose few in middle after he gets rest of his venoms on.

Turn 5 I blow up a venom on the far right and WD another, not good enough and I realise I forgot BID form Al again, stupid me. He shoots more men; Al’s blob is now out of cover as I’ve exhausted most of the infantry trail.

Sorry for only 1 pic, I forgot to take more as we went, this one is roughly end of the game.

We get a girl at the table behind to roll for us; she continues game then looks at him and says sorry. Good for me though as I want the extra turn, I move Al’s blob into 6 inches fully (Having forgotten to assault with them after shooting before, I fluffed hit rolls annoyingly or his flicker saved a few) and shoot blowing up another Venom, WD the same one as before which is now immob as well, I open fire on some troops which had been running across open ground for his CNC obj and totally remove them, this helps secure me secondary. His turn he kills enough men to make my SWS and Al’s PCS flee. Damn an annoying end as I may not get them to rally (Both are above half Str).

The nice girl rolls again and it’s a 2, game ends. Ian seemed happy with that as it means no HTH with his warrior squads from the remaining Al blob. I win primary about 10-2 kp, secondary is also mine as I managed to stop his guys getting onto the CNC obj.

Great Guy and I pity his rolling, although when he looked as my dead pile on the display board he realised he has killed a lot. VP difference was about even so it’s a 17-3 for me, I’ll not complain with that as I made good saves throughout.      

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