Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Arkham Winter of War round 2

Round 2, and after a poor first round showing for myself I pull Dale Fisher, the son of spreadsheet happy Jonny Fisher. Dale’s still learning the ropes but has come on a good amount, and his army shows this.

3 Rune priests, (Jaws/Living lightning, Living lightning, Murd hurricane, Jaws/temp wrath).
4x wolf guard, 3x wolf guard have PF Combi Melta remaining one has a Combi Melta
Pack of 5 wolf scouts, meltas and the usual loadout
3x seven man GH packs, the usual Melta and Banner combo we know is good in rhinos with Dozers
3x six man long fangs, 5 ML’s and razorbacks with TL lascannons  
The mission is Kill points (points are earned on a difference, (Both players’ starts with 4 TP. For each kill point in advance, the leading player adds one TP, and the other one subtracts one TP, up to a maximum of 4 added / 4 subtracted TPs) primary and Cleanse Secondary (To capture a quarter a scoring unit (p90) is worth 2 control points, a non scoring unit is worth 1, and dedicated transports 0.The player that has most control points wins the quarter. A unit must be entirely within a quarter to capture it).

Both Dale and myself laughed at the table, one quarter had a huge hill which neither of us could place vehicles on and it had a cavern dug into it which Manticores could fit in, but never be seen. The opposite quarter had only one big building right back on the table edge, making it poor for again deploying vehicles or long fangs as it was right back in the quarter.

Thus a gentleman’s agreement was setup that we’d take the other 2 quarters. I win the roll and take my quarter from the two which helps my vehicles, while the other side had nice little hidey holes for his fangs.

He fails to seize and we begin.

Turn 1, I move the wall outwards ad kill a razorback with Manticore fire, I also stun another Razorback, with the other I wreck a further razorback with the other Manticore and stun 2 more vehicles, and immob a rhino with the rest of my shooting. In return poor Dale disembarks and his shooting is a few shakes and a stun, removing all his lascannons from a turn of shooting really helped, he does thin a few men from living lightning.

Turn 2, I begin my blocking after causalities and then start thinning his closest squad of long fangs and stun a rhino and razorback, I then thin another squad of fangs a little, in return his rhino and scouts come on, the rhino comes on his backfield as there was no real good target in my quarter, the scouts come on by a chimera who is anchoring the line of infantry form my squads he shoots the infantry squad making me choose, do I keel the autocannon and take the assault and hope to thin his scouts, or do I lose it to the Melta hit and a few other guys to shots and dodge the charge.  I dodge the charge to stop him multi-assaulting my chimera.

Turn 3 my hell hound comes on and flames the scouts, I kill off the fangs closest to me, thin the back fangs more with fire, blow up a rhino and run men and smoke some vehicles (After the respective moves of course this report is the usual summary of the turn). In reply he moves rhino from backfield forward to my long table edge, and I fail some saves and take shakes and an immob.

Turn 4, I thin down long fangs again, maul a gray hunter squad who were coming forward through a building close to my lines and blow up a rhino.  Dale moves the now lone long fang member back and moves rhino again and kills few men.

Turn 5, I kill off few guys, the other bane wolf come son now in the non deployment quarter of my long edge, and I thin the remaining pack of long fangs as Dale his the lone member nicely. In his turn he moves rhino forward into the quarter, gets a single stun on my chimera and we roll to continue.

It does.

Turn 6, I move into position order BID and bow the rhino first chance and his H pack is pinned, putting me in great position for the shooting, His other pack is hit by melta sand the likes making him reroll cover saves and flamer templates and by the end of my shooting I’ve killed his RP, and long fang squad and a few other marines. The pinned marines really helped me in this as I didn’t have to worry about them getting back up as they took no wounds. In his turn he failed his few shots left.

Great game and the table was really non suiting for our spearhead deployment. With two quarters deemed terrible by us both it came down to these remaining two, and with me going fir t got a good first turn to stop lascannons in the first few turns then stay out of LOS and range of the remaining one.

Comes out a 19-1 to me, but the score doesn’t truly show the game. Until the last turn Dale was still in there, then he failed so many saves even I cringed for him, and the pinned squad and rune priest meant he could not remove the tanks in that quarter which hurt him a lot.

Was good to finally play Dale and at least now he knows I’m not always a hyper active Looney after the Home nations drives.

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