Friday, 2 March 2012

Arkham Winter of War round 3

So with a good game in my favour Vs Dale I match up against Fellow Lisburn gaming club member Crazy who is running a mixed GK army.

10 assorted paladins with unique equipment
5x three man warrior acolytes in psybacks
3x psyfleman dreads

The mission is Pitched battle, Primary mission is Seize ground, secondary is Kill points (Same workings as mission 2). Crazy wins the roll off.

I fail to seize.

Turn 1, he moves forward and fluffs shots due to cover or misses; he stuns the far right Manticore and imobs chimera in front of it. In reply I move forward a bit, then weapon destroy the far right razor, weapon destroy the middle razorback, explode another Rezorback on the right and wreck a left razorback and flamer guys from it.

Turn 2, he moves forward again and stuns a chimera in my left, and gets a shaken on 2 chimeras. In reply I continue hammering his vehicles getting shakes and stuns which he passes off after moving forward.

Turn3, he moves forward and blows up two chimeras and thin my CCs and the commander holds firm, both on my left. In reply I run the commander behind cover and begin issuing orders and kill his dreads and far left razorback and put wounds on Draigo.

Turn 4 crazy adjusts the paladins to hold multi objectives and gets a shaken result on a chimera from the platoon. I begin tank shocks on non hammer paladins, he fails the first and a psycannon dies, then I’m free o tank shock the group into a small bundle, before opening fire with meltas who are now safe from assault as the chimeras gaps are less than 40mm. I finish off all he has on the right and a few paladins die from melta fire and draigo is hurt.

Yes... that is a manticore on the left of the picture inches away from the knights... it had fired its shots so began racing forward to help contesting just incase.

Turn 5, he kills 2 of the chimeras who had raced 12 forward, not bad, I had resigned all 4 to death to hold him in place, I tank shock more with the remaining 2 and shaken hellhound putting them nicely into a bunch where I begin melting again and maul the squad taking down 4 and famer away most of the remaining war accs from middle and left (A single guy lives, hidden and was out of range from the flamers).
Turn 6 he kills off my other CCS but it comes too late, I kill more paladins and tank shock but he holds. I believe he is left with a 1 wound Draigo, techmarine, and coteaz plus maybe 1 paladin.

We think we have less time than we do and call it, one more turn would leave him tabled. Though it’s not much in the way of mattering, I in primary and secondary and VP difference is mine for a 19-1 win. That extra point could have been handy come end of day 2 but we did agree that was the game’s end.

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