Monday, 26 March 2012

Lisburn Gaming Club's Birthday

So Lisburn Gaming Club is now coming up (Information Here) to its second birthday which is taking place on the 7th of April.

Colin (From LGC Committee) mentions:

Rather than try to go overboard this year again, instead what we shall do is host a few smaller games that can be fun for a lot of people. Since 40k is our most popular game then both games will be set around that

One game will be a 40k character duel, where you can create your character and duel other made characters in a battle royal of sorts. (rules to follow later)

The other game will be King of the Hill
Rules are simple, we will have a piece of scenery in the middle of a board and players will have to try to take and hold it until the game ends. This is for 2-4 players. We may run a few games of this at once if there is enough interest.
Other Rules:
-1 HQ, 2 Troops
-500 points max
-Dedicated transports allowed
-No Named characters

Bob will be running this.

Prizes will be awarded to the top two players for both games!

There will still be free tables for the usual other games

Now it's the second part that interests me, a 500 point, 1 HQ 2 Troop face off to hold a piece of terrain in the middle of the table. Looking at what most armies can make for 500 points is actually very interesting; Orks for example could get almost 2x 30 boy squads a Mek with KFF, which would prove tough enough to remove for most armies.

The Nids can either go Tervigon with gaunt spam which is basically the same, or swap down to a smaller stealer shock, running a Tervigon with some upgrades and 2x 11 man stealer squads.

On the opposite side of the coin, Grey knights can rock out a libby with some powers, a strike squad with psycannon and a termie squad giving them good staying power, but low numbers.

Space wolves again can knock out some fun builds with a jaws priest and  some grey hunters, or a priest with blood claws, but they lack any longer range firepower (Though I suppose with the objective in the middle needing held it may not be needed. Although what interested me was taking a thunder wolf lord with wolf claw and SS and giving him saga of the hunter to allow him to sweep in and really hurt enemy units, especially boy squads who can't put him down quick enough, and with a 2+/3++ he will soak a lot (Combined with high toughness) and then put out a lot of attacks next round.

Blood Angels can put out a full assault squad with a Librarian with fear of the dark (For some quick unit fleeing plans) and unleash rage to help the full squad plus Libby takes down a lot of models if they get red thirst. Backing this up is a smaller assault squad.

So this mini game should be interesting... and I'm pretty sure readers will know what type of list a guard player will have to go for in order to get his points spent.

My first draft of the list is as follows:

Lord Commissar, Camo cloak and power weapon
--PCS: 2 nade launchers
---4 infantry squads: 1 squad has a commissar with power weapon, all Sgts have power weapons.
Veteran Squad, 3 nade launchers

So what is the aim? well the Lord Commissar will join the blob in the middle to keep him safe while giving (Including himself) 41 models a stealth cover save, this allows me to walk them forward with the PCS and veterans hidden in a gap in the middle while the blob races onto the objective.

With 15 / 19 (If Lord Commi is in HTH) power weapon attacks and 35 bodies I'm hoping this blob can thin down enemies with FRFSRF and then in assault, mean while the PCS's role is to get them to 'Move Move Move' as quick as possible onto the obj while suppressing enemies with nades. The Vets add more Nades and bodies with more accurate fire.

500 points, 57 bodies, not bad, but still workable...

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