Friday, 30 March 2012

Practise game Vs Necrons, those filthy robots.

So last Saturday I got a couple of games Vs Rowan ‘Now you see me’ Sheridan who wanted to et some ETC practise with a List he is thinking of.

We rolled up the mission and got Spearhead deployment, primary Seize ground (3 objs), secondary Cap and control (Which also counted for the SG).

He is running roughly:
2x lords in barges
2x big royal courts, chromo, harps, lances etc
3x warrior squads, 1 comes with an Ark
2x five man wraith squads with mix of equipment
3x Barges

I decide to run the Deathstrike list idea from This post.

I win the roll to deploy 2 objs and then win the roll to deploy first, putting my death strikes right at the back, blobs in front and chimeras close by, he deploys in a slight blob along his long table edge... he fails to seize.

Turn 1, I move forward and MMM order, then realise I forgot to keep a couple of the blob members on a different blob back for incoming order... in reply he moves forward, harps a CCS chimera and shoots the mid blob causing 4 cas as I went to ground. He assaults the middle blob and kills 4 with his lord, I pass scarab test on normal guys and pass LD for losing combat and did nothing in return. The Wraiths assault the right hand blob and kill 4, I do 1 wound and hold.

Turn 2 Marbo come son at the rear behind his barges in cover, a Deathstrike fires and scatters badly doing no damage (huge scatter roll, followed by a terrible D3 roll on area covered... poor start), the left blob moves on to an objective and does incoming. I blow up a CB on the right. In reply Rowan moves but immobs his ark, then stuns the CCs chimera, twice... marbo is flamed and rightly so as his demo charge failed terribly) I kill the lord in CC and consol 6 inches.

Turn 3, move the left blob and blow up the ark, the PCS’s get into the chimeras for safety, and the CCs chimera moves forward and I assault the ark squad killing 3 but fluffing badly on the attacks overall, this proves to be costly that they don’t flee. Rowan move sup and harps another chimera, kills 5 from left blob and the mid blob hold sin CC.

Turn 4, I blow up a barge with a death strike and 4 of his court die, the other DS lands stunning and immobing the other 2 barges (Damn it, with open topped and AP1 and ordinance I should be really blowing them up). The mid blob is wiped out in CC. In reply Rowan moves the CB and kills the CCS chimera; wraiths move up and kill PCS on left’s chimera, he assaults the left blob which fails its LD reroll, very annoying but it happens, , the mid wraiths kill 5 and I wound 1 back.

Turn 5, I move up and run to contest. He fails his scythe move, move sup and has a poor run roll on the wars, kills off the remaining blob.

We roll to continue and it does...

Turn 6 I move up and kill 2 necrons in middle, a poor tactical decision but I’m left with no other chances to consider.  They stay, he moves onto the objs and we can call it, I’ve no real options left to work with.

I feel after this game the list could be refined, but as I suspected it may hold its own in a fun game, but come comp gaming the death strikes really need to do something with their hits to even out the 1 shot. The smaller blobs also really suffer as they lack the power weapons or numbers to get much done, relying on tarpitting more than fighting.

Still, for  a untested list which had more fun in mind it held up ok Vs the Crons, and considering Rowan’s list is training and testing units for ETC even the bigger gold star for the underdog guar theme list. Ill def be trying this out again against other players.

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