Friday, 9 March 2012

Arkham Winter of War final thoughts

So with Arkham over (while ago now) I've been pondering my list, was I happy with it? I'd say so... was it perfect? Very much not...

Although I consider my lack of mech guard experience in a while... bar 1 game down at Lisburn... to be part of my hindrance, I feel I made some good moves through the games, but my mistakes and errors cost me bigger.

Game 1 Vs john, I should have moved forward more and stopped the scarabs before he spawned too many, failing my terrain tests on the hell hound didn't help too as it became a damn pill box roadblock, and losing the Manticore hurt my plans a lot... as did forgetting to just deploy my other one and then realising part way into my turn. It cost the Manticore a turn of shooting which could hopefully have helped thin the scarabs earlier. Hindsight of course though.

in game 2 Vs Dale I was generally happy with my deployment and how things went, although deployment could have been tidier for more cover saves looking back on it, something I must remember to do as every little bit of protection for the transports is useful.

The breave Hellhound continues to flame while the infantry pump rounds into the Knights

then there were some things I just couldn’t avoid, like Phil's wolf scouts coming on turn 2, where as if they hadn't I was driving forward again and firing direct putting me out of range of them and also still allowing me to fire. Deploying the platoon in this game was silly, I should have just walked them on behind and blocked of the corner to keep the tanks alive.

rolling low Ld tests when losing combats... really didn't like that, but its part of the luck... curse you thunder wolves and scouts *shakes fist* but I do feel it really hampered me as it meant next turn them getting out and wrecking even more vehicles which I'd liked to avoid naturally.

in the final game, placement of models is essential and never should be underestimated... it cost me big but I’ll remember this for next time for sure. Never remove the guys in cover when you can just remove the excess guys on the objective!

Overall the list as mentioned did me proud, netting me 10th overall on battle points which is still ok considering I played 3 top players. But i found myself wishing for a Psyker battle squad at times just to push units away with fleeing or making them fail pinning... so possibly one may be tested in a future list.

Overall my chimeras were useful, and the platoon with the autocannons filled its use well (Idea for this from Pug's platoons) although I'm not taking the Nade launchers again... I'd thought the extra S6 or anti infantry could have been useful, but the flamer would have earned its keep even more, BS3 shooting single shot S6 is not worth it.  

Vendettas... did I miss them? A little actually, the lascannons and outflanking could have proved to be a bonus in game 4 and game 5, but that’s hindsight again.

Bigger shot taken by Arkham of the same scene, Hellhound's friends aren't too far away.

My experience overall is guard are needing to fine tune and alter their lists to counter the Necrons night fighting and scarabs, thus Hellhounds will be employed in my lists from now on in atleast two in quantity, they were really solid and performed well. Another great snippet from a chat with Pug who used one in his lists, I tried 2 to see would it be any better and found it really was... even marines would fall over due to only having a 3+ save so it wasn’t like I had wasted units.

They also earn their worth against Grey knights who bring Death cult Assassins, there is only so many crusaders to allocate wounds on to and considering its a 2+ to wound with both guns they can’t expect too many to soak wounds even if only 1 template hits the squads.  

I think I need more practise with guard Vs Necrons to learn what to focus and what is acceptable to leave. Vs. wolves I was ok with my plan but need to deploy better it seems.

 Overall a great tourney, and sadly I'm missing the next one, but how would the blob have worked? I think actually very well still, the masses of bodies would have helped in harassing my opponents. Roll on the Lisburn league for some practise lists as I have a number of lists I’m going to be trying. 

Pictures of the event can be found Here

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