Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Arkham Winter of War round 5

So round 5, I’m trying to claw my way back up the table now after a filthy Philip took my points only to draw......

Rowan ‘almost porn star but forgot to sign his forms’ Sheridan.

Yes thats right, he can eat breakfast upside down.

Damn it! Why do we have to play each other so often at events?

The mission for this game is Spear head, Primary: SG (1 counter in centre of each unused Qtr, and one in mid of board), Secondary: CNC .

Rowan’s list is:
Another named lord guy (Forget name) who gives the army buffs
Big royal court, with lances and reroll a dice wargear item
Single guy royal court with night fight and lance
3x 5 necron warriors
3x Annih barges
Both lords have command barges
2x 6 wraiths kitted out for wounds

I think this was everything (By this time I was slack in writing notes as had been a long enough day).

We roll off and he wins the roll off and deploys, warriors going into reserve, the barges and command barges around a piece of terrain. In reply I deploy far back and reserve both CCS and Vets squads.
I smugly look at him and say I’m going to seize and roll the dice and walk away straight away, it’s a 6... You just can’t write this sort of confidence.

Rowan giving my army the ''Thumbs up'' for taking first turn from him.

Turn 1, I begin my shooting with Manticore barrages Weapon destroying both barges; I manage a hit on the wraiths with the other and roll five 1’s to wound!!  He saves 6th, in reply he moves forward and rolls nice 1’s on his shooting phase.

Turn 2, a CCS and vet squad come on; I rumble both close to the obj on the left of my table edge within range of the wraiths and hop out for mass melta fire. I kill 2 wraiths sadly with all the shooting but wound more. Blow up his Annih barge with the CCS,  Then blow up his command barge with a chimera PCS which had raced up to get in melta range.  2 Barges also get mauled from mass fire. In his turn Rowan moves forward again, assaults my CCS and vets, the CCS flees but vets hold.

Turn 3, I kill a few men, Manticore shot 1 fails poorly and I maul the other wraith squad with fire. In reply Rowan get two of his war squad on and shoots me more, some men die, chimera is wrecked and he fails his take over my vehicle check.

Turn 4, my other 2 squads come on and I race the vets and CCs ove rot take on his wraiths closing on my lines, I continue moving hellhounds forward, flame up his troops on the far right with one and they all die, a Manticore finishes off the ones arriving on my right near the obj an they also all die, 1 5 man squad left to get when it comes on. I destroy the other command barge, and WD and imob his final Annih barge, and do few wounds to the wraiths, in his turn he assaults and kills my PCS, ports his lord into front of my lines, wraiths after their slight mauling assault the platoon squad form the chimera he blows up, they are wiped out. Also his final warrior squad comes on near his cnc obj, he shoots the hellhounds but they live.

Turn 5, I re-embark the CCs and vets and race for objs taking the middle one, the rest of my forces shoot up the wraiths, blow up the barge in middle of the tble,  the hell hounds move forward and flame away his last wars, these things are golden imo now. In his turn he shoots the vets holding mid obj and I stupidly life the far back ones who happen to be in cover, meaning no cover saves for the squad from now on who get mauled then flee... Stupid me... He then assaults he chimera holding the vets on my cnc obj and assaults a Manticore with his lord. The Manticore blows up (Blocking duty as it had no shots left) and the vets chimera explodes and I lose 2, and then I do error number 2 for this game...

I quickly place the guys down as we are pressed for time and I want to make sure he gets his turn done, and I set them roughly in the creator.... to find out after he game they were not within 3 inches of the obj... Stupid me! Rowan says I can count them as if they were as I was rushing, but I decline, it’s my own fault and I keep the placement as it was. The rest of the game little happens as he fluffs shooting, and the game ends due to time.

I want be mad as it was my own mistakes costing me the game, but at least it’s a draw vs. a good mate so neither of us takes a huge drop in positions. That only happens for a few minutes when I work out that I had primary and secondary won until I make those mistakes and a 16-4 would have been good, and then I get my toys back into the pram and move on. Although I had some luck in this game and Rowan had some poor saves and fluffs in key shooting situations. So I figure this is his luck evening out with me being silly.

Game ends on a pure 10-10, primary draw, secondary also draw, and VP. Difference I’m slightly behind I believe.


  1. Dam you caught me eating breakfast upside down this time

  2. I knew you were part bat