Friday, 23 March 2012

Death squads: Stop the Launch part 2!

So well overdue as I kept putting up other posts related to tourneys and more interesting things at the time.  But here it is, part 2 of the Launch.

The first part of the game can be seen  Here for catch up.

So I move the smaller left hand squad of Harker, flamer guy who recovers and few others down towards the enemy long table edge and remove the patrols there, meanwhile the middle blob curves round and towards the right hand squad after clearing the street, but losing 2 men to sniper rounds. Meanwhile on the left the remaining flamer and men assault the main gate before being pushed back from reinforcements from inside.

Taking down right patrol, the flamer is perfectly positioned.

A lasgun trooper goes down before another one takes a stunned result which puts me in a difficult position as the enemy is closing on the position, in the end I pull back and leave him to his fate, but in the end they are surrounded and caught in hand to hand, where they make an ok showing but are soon pulled down from bodies. I now realise there are far too many enemies on the board for the size of my team, but continue on trying to get a angle at the Manticore (Now changed to Deathstrike as I needed the Manticore for games). 

The left side sniping is working well.

Then it begins to go badly as more enemies close in... 

Meanwhile during this small fight (Do note, I was hoping this team could enter the compound form the opposite side but got noticed and shot at, causing me to have to double back) the reinforcements make their roll and come on right by my main blob, who are caught in hand to hand... I decide the best option is to keep them tied down as turning and trying to flee each guy would lead to attacks of opportunity, and that’s more likely to lead to a few men dying and the combat being sped up for me losing.

The reinforcements ganging up on my ''Blob''

Harker begins climbing the big ruined building and pops a few men racing to help the enemies already in combat before cracking off a great shot (1 hit, becomes 1 pen which becomes an explodes! what a guy) causing a chimera to explode and kills 3 more men in the compound.

The combats go badly and while I kill a lot of the enemies, my models get dragged down and removed. The priest’s were brutal cleaving through men, but one is eventually taken down also before being removed.

in the end I knew I was not going to be able to complete the mission, so it was agreed that I would be allowed a secondary mission of blowing it up. which goes down to Harker who has to move forward, lines up a firing lane, and opens fire, hitting with all three, 1 pens and it’s just a glance, damn it...

All down toy ou Harker, now hit this time, their closing in on you from below!

The combats almost finish below and the freed up enemies begin climbing the building maybe 2 turns from Harker, he fires again and hits...

And pens twice... one is a glance...

The glance is just stunned...

The pen is rolled...

A wreck!

Secondary mission completed, primary mission is lost. and so is almost of the team, I like to think Harker stood defiant in the hallway mowing down the enemy models until he either escapes after dropping his heavy bolter, or pulls out a knife and throws himself with a primed nade into their ranks, killing a few then exploding the building in a ball of imperial justice.

The end result from this game means progress for the team is huge, but no one is left alive to benefit from it.

So worth it though.

Do note, I made the Deathstrike's armour AV9 all round to give me better chances to complete secondary mission, and also to allow the normal men to hurt it without having to get up close and grenade it if capping it was proving a problem.

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