Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Imperial Armoury, new Imperial Guard bitz store opens up.

Firstly to give credit for this useful information I found out about this on Apocalypse 40k Blog and even though today was to be a post free day while i worked on tomorrows I just had to repost it for more publicity.

Taken from the Apoc 40k blog:

''Imperial Armoury is a new 40K web store dedicated to Imperial Guard bitz.  Yeah, nothing but IG bitz.  How cool is that?  Kai Robinson is the brains behind this little outfit, and I thought he needs some free publicity.

Now, obviously this is a labor of love.  And I am all for supporting people who start a small business as a passion project.  And obviously Kai has a passion for Guard.  If you want to follow his thread on Dakka, go 

Currently Kai stocks 393 different IG Bitz. And they are very reasonably priced.'' 

Wow that's a lot of variety, This site is awesome, and after spending 20 minutes browsing through the parts I'm tempted to hand pick and build even more imperial guard to create some really cool looking squads of veterans (Like I don't have enough already) and Special characters.

Continuing on Apoc 40k they have a blurb from Kai himself on why he's sticking to only one type of bitz

"Why only one range, I hear you ask? Looking around other bits websites it seems it's impossible to keep high stock levels for the entire Games Workshop range, so I have decided to focus on a single range in order to keep consistantly high stock levels." 


So go and have a browse and support this great site. Or check out his Dakka Thread Here

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  1. You're right, mate - it is indeed a marvellous site!

    I suspect I'll be using it soon...