Monday, 5 March 2012

Arkham Winter of War round 4

So Day 2, I’m sitting ok after day 1 and pull Phil Johnston, nice... another good guy who I’ve never got to play at events... looking forward to this game actually. He’s running his wolf list of old which looks great (chaos looking wolves, blood crusher thunder wolves etc).

List is:
Wolf lord on TWC, SS, TH, talisman and runic armour
Wolf lord on TWC, SS, Frost axe, talisman and runic armour
Rune priest, chooser, jaws and Lightning
Rune priest, hurricane and jaws
2x 5 scouts, Meltagun and bombs
3 x wolf guards, Combi meltas on all and 2 have PF
2x TWC, both SS one has PF
3x 5 man grey hunters, 2 squads have Meltagun, one has plasma,
3x 5 long fangs, 4 ML, two of the squads have rhinos with DB

Mission is Dawn of war, Primary: Kill Point, Secondary: seize ground (3 Counters across board middle, 1 in mid of field other 2 6inches in from sides)

Before we begin, we share a hug and get a cup of tea... what a gentleman even if he couldn’t wash his own cup. So after making him a cup of tea properly we sit down and begin. After one more good luck hug.

He wins roll for deployment and goes first after deploying one GH squad in reply I deploy my platoon which I later realise was stupid of me. I fail to seize...

Turn 1, he rolls on all bar the scouts and 1 GH pack which are in reserve. I also roll on across the field, no dmg form my shooting.

Turn 2, his scouts come on, (Damn it! I wanted to rumble forward to get out of reach next turn from them) on my left.  Plus his hunters come on, he blows up a chimera , shakes Manticore, his fangs then blow up a Manticore which failed cover, he wrecks a platoon chimera, stuns a hydra, assaults the vets which fall out and I hold in combat! Damn you vets flee so I can flame them... in reply I Manticore a lord (TH/SS one) and a TWC (non PF one), thin fang squad, and GH on right, the vets again hold in combat which is good at least I imob his rhino as a minor yay.

Turn 3, his other scouts come on, moves forward his TWC and GH on the right, he fluffs meltas at least,  the rhino fixes itself (wow) then his scouts kill a Manticore, he blows up my left hellhound, mauls mid CCS chimera, does some stuns and shakes on other vehicles. My turn, I flame the right hand scouts, and finally remove them, wound the TWC lord and TWC, I make the scouts run on the left.

Turn 4, he kills my right hand chimera, rallies scouts on left and moves TWC forward, kills another chimera and the CCs on left. I assault the scouts on left with a quad since it’s my only option due to limited units available. I thin down a marine squad and my CCs dies.

Turn 5, he moves up and kills chimera and moves TWC who happily stay in combat during my turns after mauling squads so I cannot remove them with meltas. In my turn I kill marine plus rune priest on the left I run for obj and in assaults all my guys die. Basically I’m aiming for 1 more urn and for the win on secondary.
It continues, I’m mixed in feelings as it means more VP losses at risk but small chance to get secondary.

Turn 6, he kills chimera plus the squad, in reply I run and fully take the left hand obj, but a poor Diff terrain roll means I cannot assault his lone marine on the middle which I was hoping to kill in combat and take for my own, thus I run and contest it. This draws me secondary.

Game ends due to time.

Brutal game, I failed all bar 1 cover save and I have noted down 17 rolls for them on my sheet.  Phil (That handsome git) rolled so many good pen rolls and followed it with 5-6’s which further thinned my men. By the end of turn 3 he had mauled 9 KP’s mostly vehicles and I was suffering badly to catch up. Come turn 4 I gave up on and tried to get secondary for some points in my pocket.

Final score is a 16-4 to him. Not the best result but least I kept some points going which counts. A You git you rolled so well hug followed by a handshake even after his brutal KP claiming finishes the game.

Lovely guy and glad I played him even if I had a bad game... hopefully next time.  

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