Monday, 27 February 2012

Lisburn league game 1: Vs. Nathan with Horde Orks.

So I managed to get down to Lisburn (11th Feb.) to get in my first league game and decided it would be a good time to use the list I would be using for Arkham tourney, and since this happened before the Arkham tourney I'll fire this up first to keep the order of events proper.. Turns out poor Nathan had expected a Blob list and this threw him a lot.

His list was:

Big mek with KFF
6x thirty man boy squads, power klaw, boss pole (2 of these were shoota boys)
3x three kans (I think one had roket launcha and one had a grotzooka?)

We rolled up mission and it is DOW, Primary: CNC, Secondary: KP.
Nathan wins the roll to go first and deploys nothing putting 3 squads in reserve. I deploy my platoon on the left, a veteran squad and a company command squad.

I then roll and seize the ini. Poor Nathan...

After my forces roll on turn 1

Turn 1, I roll fully on, 2 Manticore on the left, both hellhounds and 2 vets in middle and the final vet and hydras on my right. The units already in get in and move forward. In his turn he rolls n the rest of his army, a single glance hits and immobs a chimera, damn... I wanted to roll them back firing for a while.

Turn 2, I move a little, open fire stunning kans and wrecking one, and thinning the boys with Manticore fire. In reply he moves the boys forward, declares a waaagh but is out of range for assaults.

Turn 3, Kill kan and a boy squad & thin far left boys to just nob. In reply he wrecks chimera in HTH with the lone nob, and blows up one with Kans in CC. 

Just after my turn 4

another angle

Turn 4, I race forward with all the squads jumping out and Melta down all the kans, I think the far right boy squad down a lot, ruin the mek plus his squad with flames form the hellhound and shots from the chimeras. His turn he moves his boys on moves forward and assaults my hellhound, plus a platoon squad with the nob (I forgot to shoot the nob... doh me) thankfully I roll well and kill him before he can hit the squad, then consol them forward...

The burning begins

Turn 5, I kill boys on the right and make them flee, boys in middle burn and flee, I maul the boys by his cnc obj who had just walked on with flamer fire and shooting, and race 2 chimeras onto his obj, climb a squad up onto first level and run forward to be on top of the chimera and also within 3 inches of his obj, in reply he assaults chimeras, shaking the one which moves 6 inches, misses the 12inch moving one completely, then in end wrecks the right. 

We roll to continue and it happens. 

My turn 6 I remove the rest of the boys to flamer fire (Think he had 3-4 left plus  nob) so this finishes turn 6 quickly.

End result, 20-0 to me, won primary, won secondary, and VP difference was huge. I think it came out about 1535 difference (In league terms I got 3 point for a win, but this scoring was for Arkham so we both knew how we'd done)

After this match I was happy with the amount of anti horde I had in the list, but felt it was lacking in long range killing power as had no low AP shots. We'll se eif Arkham highlights this.

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