Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm Back! and what I got up to over Christmas.

After my Christmas break... which I don't believe was 10 days as it went far too quickly!! I’m back to blogging. Now to get back into the swing of things and remember how to keep writing articles... The break was well needed and allowed me to get quite a bit of game related and real life related stuff done.

Christmas was the usual build up rush and then flat on the day after presents are opened and bar some gaming there is not much else you can do. Not saying I didn't enjoy the day, just it was the usual build up and then days over flat feeling.

Sadly for me I got very little model wise, just a single marine battle force (Which while building and asking myself the question of who would ever use the contents of that box completely remembered black templar’s might, but for codex marines it’s a bit lack lack-luster). But to be fair I suppose I did say too often I wasn't sure what else I needed.

It seems my wife was not happy with my wording (I got an 'Excuse me!?!? BBM which was my first hint something was wrong), and she wants me to inform anyone reading this I was hard to buy for as I claimed I had all the models I needed and didn't ask for any...  to keep myself safe I'm adding this in.

I'm supposedly dead for the first edit... the BBM saying ''Oh you’re dead!!! Alerted me to this... 3 !'s lets me know I’m going to be done for.

I built and painted the battle force in about 3 days making 2 guys into melta gunners to pad out my melta armoury, and the remaining 18 guys into footslogging assault marines while the scouts got given BP/CCW combos, also polished off 6 guard missile launcher HWT, assorted lasgun guys who can double as Sgt models if the codex ever changes as well as some other models.

The marines almost top up my remaining companies to 100 models and prob puts me about 20 models short of a chapter. yay.

Gaming wise I got in a good few games, a few against Rowan, and even attempted a double game (Not 2v2 or even 2vme, but me playing 1850 points vs. rowan, and another 1850 point game vs. Ray)... it was an interesting experience I'll say.

I also got partly started a Death squads game using solo rules, my squad with a Sgt Harker type add-on taking on 120+ rebel militia who have stolen a Manticore form the local armoury.

The battlefields a busted up rural town with streets, wood sand hills surrounding and fully fortified up. So it’s not proving easy to advance and not attract attention.

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