Friday, 13 January 2012

Heading to Warpcon. Hum now what do I take?

So after many pesterings from Rowan I'm now going to Warpcon, tickets booked (Thanks Rowan) and my transport now sorted for getting down to the event (Thanks Rowan) I'm planning my list. I think for certain I'll bring the Blob out again, it proved so much fun at Arkham, but now the problem... 1850 points... hum 100 more points to play with... interesting...

I've already been musing and jumping back and forth on what to add to the army, or if the army needs fully rewritten to be a based for 1850 points, I initially looked at tacking on 100 point units such as a 9 man psyker battle squad to fear enemy untis away but realised i lack the blasts or mass firepower to make them take the casualities at range and so the unit would be a waste sadly. Currently I'm thinking of the Arkham list but adding a priest with an Eviscerator to add some punch on the outflanking blob. Meanwhile Straken's squad I'm thinking of either medipck or 2 bodyguards. Hum, FNP or 2 more bodies who can soak wounds with a 3+ cover save (the squad has camo cloaks) and meltagun somewhere or give Al'rahem's PCS krak nades and one of the other PCS.

If I rewrite the list fully though I'm seriously thinking of adding in some heavy support but I'm currently lacking the 3 deathstrikes which I'd have taken in a heartbeat for the fun factor as they went off so now I'm thinking of it in the form of some Manticore launchers, possibly 3 or 2 and a leman Russ Vanquisher for taking out vehicles closing on my lines without risk of blasts hitting my men, but if I do that I know my blobs will be smaller and possibly without lascannons which means they'll lack in the dual role I have for them. choices... do I make them purely a move forward unit or do I keep them as a multi role unit who can bubble wrap my tanks and also fire back at the enemy...

Then I had a (Hopefully) Golden idea. Remembering my game against Scotty where I went for 20 man blobs... more options for my current list! Commissars... yes that’s right, adding another Commissar to the blobs meaning I can split them down into 20 man blobs meaning more units who can fire at separate targets, and also all now fight in HTH, or If I ge thit by a deathstar unit or purifiers I'm less likely to cry if I lose men (Imagine 30 men odd of a 40 man blob exploding before any hits are done!). 

Heck even if it’s a kill point mission I can keep them as one massive 40 man blob and the extra power weapons will help... as well as the fact any snipers of models will now need to remove 2 commissars before making my blob a big pile of useless guardsmen running away.

Looking at the mission pack we see the following:

Game one:
Pitched Battle deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground
(3 objectives placed along the centre line of the table, 18 inches apart and 18 inches from the short table edge)
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control

Game two:
Spearhead deployment
Primary Objective: Capture and Control
Secondary Objective: Annihilation

Game three:
Dawn of War deployment
 Primary Objective:  Annihilation
Secondary Objective:  Capture and Control

Game four:
Spearhead deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground (5 objectives to be captured. One objective is placed in the centre of each table quarter and one in the centre of the table.)
Secondary Objective:  Annihilation

Game Five:
Pitched Battle deployment
Primary Objective:  Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground (Roll for objectives, see rulebook)

The objectives are close enough to each other in the objective missions to benefit either the small or large blobs, and are close to both short table edges making the outflanking Blob a very worthwhile unit to take...  And there are a fair number of Kill point missions (2 Primary, 2 Secondary). Of course this is going to depend on what armies I face, but it looks like a decent enough set of missions for the slow moving army as I don’t have to walk all the way across the board in most cases to get to objectives bar mission 4 where its one in the centre of each quarter, so it looks like I’ll have to advance the blobs on top of my two hold one with the PCS and take the centre one while the outflank blob tries to take one of the enemies.     

Since Rowan won't allow me to put up pictures of him on the Blog as he’s shy, I've got an artist’s impression of a typical Rowan at breakfast. Its really quite accurate if i do say so... what a life like capturing.

Time to get thinking on what the Blob needs to take it up to 1850 points.


  1. Its simply cause I'm harrassed my paparazzis all day and i enjoy the peace of 40k. I dont agree with it being interrupted by someone using an excuse of writing a blog claiming hes doing battle reports but really hes taking pictures of me bending over a 40k table. (i've seen those laminated pictures of me James... )

  2. You appeared on BOW Rowan, thats not being quiet and peaceful! Thsoe pics are to help me through dark places :P

    ...can lend you one for oyur own use if want ;)