Monday, 23 January 2012

Secret Weapon items arrive for over the weekend!

So my package arrived from Secret weapon this Friday just past... and Boy was it worth waiting for!

I raced home and opened it to begin oggling the items and I was very happy to see how simple and straight forward they are to put together! If you want a main review then check out Dwartist's review but in all honesty I agree with almost everything he's said.

My kits had almost perfect joins between the top and bottom hull sections both of which only needed minor cleaning of excess resin.

The already attached Wheel joints were just a god send... no more trying to get all the wheels aligned and sitting right, the glue on wheel segment to the side (Which has a perfect fit!) is just a joy to work with.

Some of my hull sections and turrets needed minor green stuff to fill in some air bubbles, but from the list of resin kits I've worked with these had the least for me, a quick 5 minutes had them all filled and ready to be primed (After the washing and cleaning to be safe, of course)... the only slight ripe I have is the casting resin bit on the front which took maybe a little longer to fully flatten out and smooth to my satisfaction, but that’s very minor griping... The details on mine were crisp, clean and the kit was a real joy to work with. Currently all 5 are sitting hulls glued together drying with the main grey colour applied, and that was over the weekend when small periods of quiet allowed some modelling...

The wheel segments themselves were well cast again, with only minor removal of mould lines needed, again a few seconds was all I needed to clean them up file off excess and have them smooth and ready for attachment to the main hull.

So much quicker than if I’d attempted to build the GW chimeras...

I do agree with Dwartist's opinion that they need bubble wrap in the packaging, but thankfully all mine arrived not broken.

Very early on in painting model, the wheels are just propped up for show, and turret is only started.
 The weapons options slot in perfectly, and I'm thinking of how to magnetize them so I can make the vehicles what I need in my armies as I need them.

Highly recommend buying some if you're looking for any type of armoured vehicle for your imperial armies.
Overall the kit is easily an 8/10 for me.

With my order I also picked up some of their very good imperial guard looking objectives, again these are erfect and fit nicely in with my blob army and display board.

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